Magnetism: The Nature of Your Reality – Message 7

Within the higher expressions of reality, All-That-Is moves light-energy along pathways of superconductive grids resembling geometrical latticework.  However, within the lower frequency and slower vibrating realities such as your third dimension, the role of magnetism is front and centre.  You live in a magnetic reality!

The reality which you perceive visibly to be around you and within which you physically reside is a magnetic reality.  In our last message, we explain how magnetism works within this expression of reality.  This is the foundation of how form in matter begins, how it is expressed, and how it moves onward in its evolution.  Every single action that takes place in your reality is based on magnetism, energy exchange/ interchange within a magnetic field.

We will even go so far as to say that all magnetic fields within your reality are actually forms of bio-magnetic fields.  What is the bio-magnetic field?  It is a compilation of energetic molecular reactions within every third-dimensional organic expression, meaning from every kingdom including the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms, where every single expression has its own built-in magnetic field and whereby these bio-fields interface with all other bio-magnetic fields around them.  All elements within your dimension contain magnetic structures within their makeup, similar to the already discovered magnetosome  These magnetic particles are what creates the great inter-connection here of the human body/mind/spirit system to all other expressions, whether they are animal/human, vegetable, or mineral.

You as a human, have the most finely tuned and ever-expanding bio-magnetic field that continually interfaces with your reality. Not only do you interface with other humans on this basis, but you are also constantly connecting to every organic object within your environment.  How is this connection made?



There is a constant flow of energy through the subtle energy fields that make up your body/mind/spirit system.  These subtle energy fields or Auras can be seen with the help of Kirlian Photography  These magnetic fields create an inseparable link to your reality and to the experience of your physical incarnation.  In the human body, there is a free-streaming of energetic particles within its magnetic field as it interfaces with every other magnetic field. As you study the above diagram you will see that the ends of the poles are “open” and it is through these open ends that connections are supported.  It is this free-streaming of energy that connects the body/mind/spirit of one individual with another.  There are measurable connections between the bodies of two people once they have physically touched; there are telepathic connections as a result of mental body connections between two or more people; and each one of you is able to experience the highly refined emotional/spiritual connection to your own Soul, depending upon your own belief system and your openness to learning about a new way of understanding the world.

How does the human interpret his spiritual connection to this world?  As an adult, you have likely learned to feel fear of this connection to your natural world and to your Soul, whether you realize this fact or not.  You may simply reject this discussion based on the prejudice of any insight that may be offered to you with regard to your Soul.  

This interpretation is a learned event because there is no interpretation in the child. The child knows that he is a part of his world, that indeed, he is a part of the very nature that surrounds him.  Young children are open to the power of the natural world and this openness allows the body/mind/spirit system to immediately enter into sacred flow with the creation of All-That-Is.  This is the natural connection where, as children, you feel the rhythms of joy, an easiness, a playfulness, and freedom in the knowledge that you are OF the universe and not just IN it.  However, the fear-based socialization of your children creates increasingly rigid minds and leaves them believing they are individuals who are separate and apart from their own world.  This teaching leaves children increasingly alienated from their own reality as they grow older, losing their sense of joy and most importantly, their sense of safety and freedom in the connection to All-That-Is through the energy of being at One with the entire universe.

In the final analysis, it remains true that whether one recognizes his magnetic connection to the array of fields around him or not, he will always remain connected to his reality.  When one opens to this knowledge, one opens to the experience and beauty of embracing All-That-Is and life will take on a whole new meaning.