Anchoring of the Immunity Grid to Heal All Ascending Human Bodies and the Resurrection of the Souls – A Light Session With the Source on October 9th, 2017

by Julia, Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, October 14, 2017


Georgi Stankov

The New Immunity Grid is a Key Aspect of Bioelectromagnetics 

The anchoring of the immunity grid on the new original earth is a fundamental breakthrough in the process of planetary ascension that was first announced by the Source during our light session with Julia, Carla and myself on October 9th and caught us by surprise. However, as I am fully aware of the preeminent role of the immune system in regulating and sustaining human and organic life on earth, I immediately recognized its importance.

After all, more than 60% of my book, Volume III on the General Theory of Biological Regulation is dedicated to the explanation of the regulatory mechanisms of the immune system which are not at all understood in present-day medicine and bio-sciences. To this end, I made more than 10 particular scientific breakthroughs, each one of them being worthy of a Nobel Prize, given the very low and ridiculous standards of this institution in awarding obsolete scientific achievements. That is why this institution will cease to exist very soon, at the latest when the new theory of the Universal Law will be fully introduced and accepted by humanity, as it reveals the absurdity of present-day empirical research. This is all part of the creationary spectrum of the new bioelectromagnetics which we shall employ in the building of the new 5D earth that will be an ongoing project of creation in the coming eons of simultaneous time.

The ramifications from the anchoring of the immunity grid are so manifold that it would take a separate publication only to list some of them. Here I shall restrict myself to some general observations.

The immune system is the single most vital system in the human body that is responsible for the maintenance and survival of humans as a biological species. The fact that most of the time throughout one’s life the physical body lives in a constant steady state of harmonious equilibrium, which we popularly describe as “health”, must be attributed to the immune system. As it should be well-known, the entire human body, all its cells are renewed every seven years in the average. Some cells are renewed much more often and this is particularly true for all immunocompetent cells which are renewed within days and weeks. At the same time, the immune cells are actively involved in the renewal of all other body cells by processing the debris from their ongoing decay and replacement with new cells. In this process of cell renewal, many immune cells also undergo cell death. Thus the immune cells have the most dynamic and vulnerable cell cycle and this explains why they are damaged first by cell-inhibiting drugs.

I have proved beyond any doubt that about 90% of all drugs currently available on the market are cell-inhibiting drugs and increase significantly mortality and morbidity when compared to placebo (no treatment). These drugs were introduced deliberately by the PTW and their human minions, the cabal, as to unleash the greatest genocide of humanity in the End Time with the aim of preventing ascension. As I have written a lot on this issue, I will not delve into it now. These drugs affect in the first place the immune system – they suppress the proper functioning of all immunocompetent cells – and thus infringe upon the natural physiological regeneration and healing of the human bodies. This explains the rapid increase of all kinds of diseases in the last several decades, but first and foremost of cancer and mental disorders.

The immune cells are insofar unique as they do not form a distinct tissue but are distributed all over the body and can be found in all tissues where they perform and regulate the normal exchange of other cells and tissues or heal the body at the site of infection and injury. In order to perform this function, they need a remote control based on specific bioelectromagnetic fields that operate as long-range correlations, very similar to gravitation. This explains the phenomenon of chemotaxis – the attraction of immune cells to the site of infection or injury, which is currently explained with the higher levels of released toxic substances due to cell death.

This is nonsense as the immune cells are transported all the time throughout the entire body even when there is no infection or injury and no chemotactic agents are released. In fact, the regulation of the immune system is coordinated by a very complex and perfect bioelectromagnetic software program of the incarnated soul fragment that allocates the various immunocompetent cells, such as B- and T-lymphocytes, macrophages, killer-cells, and all the other lymphocytes, no matter what label they are given as these labels are meaningless in the bigger energetic picture, exactly where they are needed as to replace old cells with new ones. In this way, they preserve the state of constructive interference of all elements of the body, which humans then enjoy as “health”.

Only when the immune system is suppressed, as this is done on a global and massive scale with all kinds of antibiotics, cytostatics, chemotherapy, antihistaminics, beta-blockers, to name a few classes of cell-inhibiting drugs (please observe that the very names of these drug groups already imply that they are cell- and immuno-inhibiting agents and thus harm the human body), do we have a significant impairment of the immunity grid as a higher dimensional energetic software program for sustaining the human body in a state of constant health, and diseases occur.

This nefarious situation was the normal state of being on the old earth because the healthcare system was established by the PTW as a giant genocide program to decimate the human population and prevent as many people as possible from ascension in the End Time. This prime crime of the dark cabal is now finished once and for all and humanity has begun with its profound and eternal healing and rejuvenation of the physical bodies. It is no coincidence that Obamacare is crumbling in the Empire of Evil and there is no chance of its replacement. This event heralds the new age of profound healing of humanity through the new immunity grid consisting of source energies.

This is the greatest news I can share with you since I am on the Internet and my heart of a medical doctor jumps in leaps and bounds with utter joy. I have been waiting for this auspicious moment since I discovered in 1995 the terrible iatrogenic genocide we, medical doctors and the like, committed on humanity and this insight ended my medical research activities due to moral and ethical considerations. It has been my greatest grievance that the medical community rejected my scientific findings and I was compelled to observe this ongoing mass killing of patients for another 20 plus years in seemingly total powerlessness.

Not entirely, as during that time I was instrumental in the introduction of all possible ascension energies from the Source that culminated on October 9th in the implementation of the immunity grid on the new original earth. Needless to say, this will bring enormous longevity to all humans, perfect health and later on immortality and the “sting of death” will be eradicated forever from the collective consciousness of humanity as it is the most dreadful human fear that caused its separation from the Source. I hope you understand how the circle has been closed in the last several days and what dramatic and profound changes we witness currently.

This would say that very soon the present-day healthcare system will be abolished for ever and I have discussed the necessity of that at length in my latest gnostic book in German “Thoughts” written in 2008. This new development makes me particularly happy as this is the beginning of our true mission as healers of humanity, from the fulcrum of the Source, and as the carriers of the immunity grid, together with all the light warriors of the first and the last hour. Very soon we shall appear as direct healers and educators of humanity and teach the masses how to heal themselves as sovereign creator beings.

How Bioelectromagnetics and the Immunity Grid Lead to the Resurrection of Humanity  

Resurrection is probably the most misinterpreted and misused term in Christianity and Western tradition.

Resurrection is the concept of coming back to life after death. As Christianity rejects the incarnation cycle of the soul, it has forwarded two ambiguous and contradictory interpretations of Resurrection. The first one assumes the resurrection of the souls as an eschatological purpose that generates a plethora of confusing interpretations. The second one is the resurrection of the dead bodies at the End Time which is also of eschatological character.

This discussion goes back to the early teachings of Christianity and is a reminiscence and a false, naive interpretation of the more profound gnostic teachings as represented by Origen in Egypt and Plotin in Rome in the 3rd century A.C.; the latter go back to ancient Greek Platonism. I have discussed this topic in depth in my gnostic book “Neoplatonism and Christianity“.

Needless to say that both definitions are entirely wrong as they miss the key point – human souls are immortal and so are all human beings. From that point of view Resurrection simply means the return of the human species to its pristine original form as Adam Kadmon. Gaia has already entered this state of original perfection and now is the time for all human bodies to also return to their original form of eternal health and immortality. This can be achieved at best through ascension and transfiguration into crystalline light bodies, but it is also possible for the human biological body to acquire a perfect state of being that will enable its longevity for thousands of years as this was once possible in past, more advanced human civilisations on this planet.

However healthy bodies need healthy minds to paraphrase the famous Roman saying  – mens sana in corpore sano – and that is why the immunity grid has been anchored on this earth in the first place to restore the mental sanity of humanity which is now virtually non-existent. Only after this goal is achieved, will humans be able to understand the new theory of the Universal Law that will be the foundation of their multidimensional, holistic world view in the new original 5D world. Without the proper observation if its scientific, moral, ethical and spiritual principles humanity will not be allowed to develop and use all the new higher dimensional technologies they are supposed to receive in the process of collective ascension as to enjoy a blissful and carefree life.

Why? Because if their minds remained unchanged as they are now they would behave like children playing with matches – like juvenile arsonists – and will unleash another conflagration that will surpass the destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis. Technological evolution must go hand in hand with the spiritual and mental evolution of the human species and the full understanding and implementation of the new Theory of the Universal law is the high road humanity has to take. As this time the destruction of earth and humanity is not part of the divine plan, the integration of the Divine mind begins there, where human deficiencies are most urgent and pressing – in healing and redeeming the human mind-ego from its own mental mess and maze, so that agnostic humans can awaken and leave the 3D illusion and their healed souls return home, which is the actual Resurrection.

This includes, among many other transformations, the full restitution of the DNA heritage, but the New Agers, who brainlessly parrot the role of the 12 DNA strands in the ascension process without having any clue how current biological DNA actually operates in the human cells, do not do any service to this intricate topic but only increase the level of confusion which persists since the beginning of Christianity regarding the concept of Resurrection.

The DNA activation to 12 strands takes place in the higher dimensions and not in biological matter and this is associated with the development and opening of numerous upper chakras beyond the 12 chakras. I have discussed this issue in several publications in the past.

As far as I am aware, none of the self-proclaimed New Age gurus have even remotely heard of the immunity grid as they have no clue how the immune system operates in the human body and what paramount role in plays in the renewal of the cells and the biological organism. From a theoretical bioelectromagnetic point of view, the Resurrection of the human body is performed by the immune system. Period! This eliminates all the esoteric and religious shebang regarding this concept. And then we have the healing of all soul fragments from all their incarnation traumas and this also happened on October 9th with the ignition of infinite violet fires and temples in the 5th dimension (see below)

This is the reason why we received from the Source two key pieces of information in its message to us from October 9th that are closely linked:

  1. The implementation of the immunity grid on the new original earth that will heal all human bodies meant to ascend at some point in time. Those individuals (service-to-self) who will descend and will continue with their incarnation cycle on lower timelines will not be affected by these energies from the Source.
  2. The resurrection of all soul fragments of incarnated humans who have sacrificed their lives in the name of a false Christian deity, such as all those who died in the Crusades, in numerous religious persecutions, burnt as witches at the stake, and killed in the many religious wars in Europe such as the 30-years war between Protestants and Catholics that was the deadliest war so far on the Old Continent and decimated half of the population in Central Europe. Many of these souls dwell between the dimensions due to their false religious beliefs that prevent them from ascending to Celestria (5D and higher dimensions) and perpetuate their dreadful incarnation cycle.

All these souls were redeemed on October 9th and entered the unity of All-That-Is from where they will be able to incarnate on the new ascended earth or finish with their incarnation cycle. This is what Resurrection is all about from the higher vantage point of view of the Source. I must say that we have accomplished such rescue operations of lost souls on numerous occasions in the past, but this last operation was unique insofar as it also redeemed all Christian believers from their “original sin” which is the most sinister lie the cabal has introduced on this planet through Christianity to dumb down humanity with the help of pedophile or other dark pastors.

Just as we eliminated all Crucifixes from the churches on that auspicious day of October 9th, we also transcended this symbol of torture (Crucifixion) used by the Romans to punish slaves and all rebellious subjects into a symbol of Merkaba by turning it horizontally that will heave humans to the 5th dimension, where they will enjoy immortality in a conscious manner once and for all.

Finally, I asked the Source how we can best proceed to open the minds of the scientists. “Allow it to unfold at its own natural pace”, was the answer. Then we were shown a timeline with a paradigm shift – a new timeline after a separation (an ID shift): This is a new paradigm based on new geometries. There is a celebration of the new paradigm – many of your readers are experiencing sublime openings and changes… [ in their experiences/realities ] as the tipping point is achieved and they are moving toward this new timeline….”

I hope that this expose gives you a glimpse into the profound revolution that is awaiting mankind by the end of this year and surely throughout the entire next year when all these powerful creationary energies from the Source will fully manifest on this ascending earth.


October 9th, 2017 Thanksgiving Day in Canada: A Channeling with Julia of The Divine Mind / The Source

Hello Everyone!

Presented here is my description of a channeled session with Julia and Georgi on October 9th, 2017.  This group session between the three of us beautifully reflects the power of three, three consciousnesses, three beings and how we each have our own perspective to offer to the Whole. It is so critical that we all come together now to create within the new Unity field, as we ascend upward into the higher dimensions.

I have written out the event as it unfolded before us, over the course of approximately three hours.  This was a deeply profound experience and we were each so humbled by what took place that we decided to report it in a comprehensive written form. The healing did not end with the end of the channeling – indeed, it continues into your world now too, as you read this.

There are several elements to this event, and I call it an event because it was not only a download of codes and tools, it also represented real-time healing of humanity.  It was made clear that this event came here to humanity, and all of the animals, as a Divine Directive; an answer to humanity’s unending plea for help; and a Divine Intervention from the Source/Divine Mind that has decreed that this phase of disconnection from Source within humanity’s experience Must Now End, as Source is now calling/bringing home all the wayward souls from this creation. It was made clear to us that there are many worlds and beings involved in this liberation, including the Christ Consciousness which this Source declared is here to pull the awakening humanity up into the God consciousness of Creation. There is also a release from all suffering through religious miscreation.  Further on in the channeling, we were graced with a new healing grid that Source called “The Immunity Grid” helping to resurrect the physical form. These energetic events were only possible because we entered the new Original 5D World on October 8th.

The Source of this channeling was perceived to be the Source or Divine Mind, and it was made clear all miracle building is founded upon the saying: “With God All Things Are Possible“. This statement spoken as a mantra has profound power and we were reminded that the intensity of this decree and all decrees can now grow 1,000 fold since words hold limitless energy, especially if spoken with great presence. Furthermore, our thoughts are even more powerful and we were reminded to become masters of our thoughts, and together with our decrees, we will be of great service which is never to be underestimated.  We are understood to be “generator Beings” and as  “generators of my Light and my Energy you shall create great healing especially if you apply to it your powerful imagination”.

We have been integrating the energies from this download for two days now and realize that it is an ongoing event that will affect you too, as a conscious creator with divine light. As you read this reconstruction of the moment of this gathering please imagine your involvement in the healing of humanity with the tools that were provided and continue to apply their power as often as you are reminded by your higher guidance.  This is truly a new beginning, as you will understand when you read carefully, attune to and reflect upon the implications of this event.  You are reading this because you are a wayshower and your time to contribute is Now!  Stand firm in your knowing that you are a part of this profound healing of humanity as we transition into the “Original Earth“, as described to us by the Elohim.  Your input is priceless, whether you know it or not!

My love to all of you,



We convene at the Round Table in our sacred sanctuary and I invoke all the flames of creation with a special focus on the Golden Christed Light and the Violet Flame of Transmutation, Healing and Freedom.

We close our eyes and immediately notice that we are beginning to move up in frequency, higher and higher, through portals, into the infinite;  as we move up Julia is seeing the symbol of the Cross and she is then guided to place her hands in prayer position, moving them up over her head to a point, then her hands are separating and opening up wide as she leans back.  We each feel we are shifting up in our consciousness while still in our physical body.

Here are the messages that came through during the session:

“Deep teachings are at hand for Humanity”

“The Resurrection is Now”

“The Sacred Flame of the Resurrection is now flowing through you to cleanse all cells within your human body and raise each cell and each body to the highest and purest form as is possible; to raise the frequency to that of unconditional love; to hold only that of unconditional love”

“The Christ consciousness is adding a lending hand to help the three of you to pull in the God Consciousness, as your own Souls are now being resurrected; and with this action the magnetism of the Soul of every human is now awakening to end the phase of disconnection

As we increase our light quotient the portals above us keep opening upwards, like a stairway to heaven;  The three of us are moving up in these portals;  As a nexus to the Source, Georgi is supporting the field by connecting it to a large column of source energy that stabilizes the entire field of connection.  I am the scribe recording the comments, bringing my visions, knowing and clairaudience. Julia is in communion with the field and identifies it as the Source field, and notices  “thousands of portals are opening now for thousands and thousands of Souls who are calling forth their I AM Presences to expand and unify”; 

Here are the statements that came through over the course of the session:

Source speaks: 

 “I speak not in words but in a transmission, a Pulse; align your heartbeat with mine, with every breath”

 “These pulses are coming in strongly and with regularity in order to build up humanity’s level of consciousness”

 “Every moment that you turn your attention to the Light you are drawing into your Self the power of my Light”

 “Every One who is in touch with my Pulse and my Light, and who turns to the Light, will be powerful”

 “Do not underestimate the healing power of your Light upon others” 

 “The human wants a resolution, so the Divine is opening up the portals”

 “You must link your biofields with the Divine Mind only, since this Source is the only one true source of connection to all higher consciousness”  

“When my representatives reached the Earth Plane and saw the Christ Ray and how very different the Christ consciousness had morphed beyond anything that this Source had intended – there was a realization that this energy had been miscreated; There was no intention that the Cross be used to represent suffering;”

Here are statements that were received by myself during and following the session while I was still immersed in the field of the Source:

“The Cross is the symbol of the Unification of the Vertical plane of Creation with the Horizontal plane of Creation; The Unification of Higher Expressions of Reality with the Earth Plane; No less, no more; It is now the time for this information to be revealed to you! This is the time of the Union of the Divine with Matter in Form!”

“All Crosses are now rising up to the Source to be released of this miscreation! And every Soul that died upon a Cross is now released to the healing light of the Source!  To heal every wound, every thought, every moment where Sin was raised as the basis for the punishment! This was never the intention of Source!  Envision now:  every Cross used to burn the sacred temples of the Holy Spirit in the name of the witch hunt; See them rising upward, ever upward toward the Light, not in shame and guilt and within the energy of perdition, but floating up in Glory!”

 “Envision every Soul who has been punished through the energy of the Cross is now released! and Healed!  For Ever and Ever!”

 “Every Soul is now being released into the New Matrix that you are building in this very moment;  It is a matrix we are co-creating now where all religious miscreation called “the Original Sin”  that has been a part of the old world is now being cleansed and released through the power and the light of the Original Divine Consciousness for the creation and glory of a Pristine Earth!”

“This is what is meant by The Resurrection!” 


Following this beautiful and very sacred experience of cleansing and releasing of all miscreations in the name of God/Creator we are now presented with a new “Immunity Grid” to attune to and bring in energetically into the Earth Plane.  This was very interesting because Julia had been guided to bring her Immunity Grid Orgone pyramid along with her. The Immunity Grid was shared in the context of a newly defined mechanism of consciousness expansion the Elohim had presented the day before, the paradigm of BioElectroMagnetism

Source speaks:

“All the changes that you are co-creating now, the changes within you, around you and upon the Earth are to support you in your return to the perfect original state as it was intended;

There is before you now a new Grid, that shall be called the New Immunity Grid; This Grid represents the rebuilding of the immune systems within the living bodies of form, including human and those of the animal kingdom; This represents a perfect upgrade that is crucial now to hold you within the Original Earth at new levels of physical, mental and emotional health; 

This is a gift that is now pouring into the collective consciousness to empower the light within to move into the immunity wave that is increasing the consciousness levels;  This grid was the missing link to support the body elemental in the New Original Earth; This will create complete renewal through sacred geometrical codes and a flushing with this beautiful clear wave of healing [ it is a bright turquoise blue wave, note Carla ], washing all systems with the Creator healing frequencies, as you each lift up in consciousness;  

There has been a great toxic overload that necessitates this divine directive and the biggest concern is perhaps the toxicity not only within the physical bodies but also toxicity within the electromagnetic fields;  the human mind is also a complex electromagnetic system that has shown to have developed a mental illness grid that is of the greatest concern above all else as it has thrown everything out of alignment;”

The Immunity field supports the release of all toxins, including the toxins absorbed by the animals who have experienced great pain and suffering at the hand of humanity. There is a Clarity Field within the Immunity field present to assist with the clearing of mental illness epidemics including Alzheimers, Dementia, ADHD and addictions of various kinds as humanity struggles with this very imbalanced reality.  


During the channeling we asked about the new energetic foundation referred to as BioElectromagnetics by the Elohim.  Our understanding is that the human body is only one small part of a complex set of multi-faceted bioelectromagnetic structures that interact together to create what we know as the Chakra system and the many other chakras that are part of this system, too numerous to count.  The most powerful electromagnetic system is the Mind as it interacts directly with the Divine Mind or Source.   

“The process of bioelectromagnetism is the key to unlocking the union with my Light;  This system magnetizes all rays of Light coming from the Source so they may be incorporated into the biofield, permeating all aspects of your life with infinite frequencies for healing and creation; Remember, the magnetism is rooted within the Soul itself and the Soul asked to come here for enlightenment;

See yourselves purified to absorb this light; You three are now glowing and radiating this frequency; 

The healing begins with the incorporation of the new Immunity Grid so you will radiate these frequencies outward into your experience; 

When you embed your energy into the Immunity field for healing be certain to tap into Source/Divine Mind FIRST so the potency is strong or else your creation will be based in neutrality and hence be ineffectual;

Creation of any template is possible while working within my Divine Mind and as we work together it is given great power;  As the egoic/separation consciousness collapses the door will open to immediate creation;  You must hold a deep trust and faith that it will come forward;  

Anything can be created  – any consciousness can come through now;  Hold the codes and high vibrations every day and feed those prayers with the light;  I can hear your prayers because I am You;

Ensure you stay in touch with your own hearts desires and be not in fear, restlessness, doubt; Remove these states of being from your experience; Do not get lost in the old paradigm; Where is your consciousness going?  What are you connected to?

Tend to your garden, your garden of consciousness; Be careful what you think”

What is the best way to reach the Divine Mind of Source? “Individually establish practices that key into my light.”

Do we invoke your presence?  “I exist within you and without;  I am in the Silence; It is important to sit in the Silence;”

“Implement the principles of the Ascended Masters on a daily basis;  Become the Way Shower;  Stay rooted in Presence; You will be guided from a deeper place inside of you – not from the calculating mind;”  

“The time is now to bring forth a new way of being; it requires focus to get used to the vastness, the expansion – and to not get lost in it;  BE IT!  BE the vastness without closing down and getting lost – lost in words, lost in Mind;  I AM beyond concepts;  I AM the light and the dark;  I exist everywhere and for all time through eternity;”

“Learn to Trust;  

Learn to Let Go and Go with the Flow; and All will be revealed in time.

ABOVE ALL:   Be not afraid of change;  TRUST IN MY PLAN”


During this entire session, the Violet Flame of Transmutation, Healing, Alchemy and Freedom continued to grow in intensity and size until in the end when we saw millions of crosses flooded in the Violet Fire, rising up from every point around the globe. The room was filled with intense Gold-Violet light.

Saint Germain is present and Source tells us that:

his work with the Violet Flame over the ages has prepared the Earth for this moment in time where we can use its full power to cleanse at the highest level of potency, flushing out the electrical smog that is so debilitating for our minds as highly sensitive electromagnetic structures. The Violet Fire also works with Source to create events that may seem imbalanced [unkind or unfair], as a way to trigger unconditional love.”

Saint Germain maintains that: 

“The Violet Flame has been on the Earth plane since the beginning of time and it has been the most important tool in getting humanity to this level of evolution; Now you have discovered for yourselves the potential in this lifetime to overcome all miscreation, all that was not intended from the heart of the Source.”

We are shown in a vision that the Violet Flame is already the foundation of the New Original Earth and that this precious light firmly exists in all of the vortexial points.  We are shown many etheric Violet Flame Temples and Healing Centres that we will manifest to hold the Violet Light. We are shown thousands of parallel realities being built now, founded upon the Violet Light.

Master Saint Germain says the Violet Flame healing angels are being called to action now as each of our fields are being cleansed and upgraded; and on the macro, the flame follows the solar plexus to clear the fears and then to the third eye;

“I am always with you, every step of the way; and there are ten thousand violet flame angels working with us in every moment”

It is clear to us that he is overlighting us as a covenant with him, the goal being to still the mind and facilitate eternal connection to the Source; to unify the human soul with its true source light and as St. Germain so passionately says, to “bring all the sheep home to rest”:

“Bring the Violet Flame into your own biofields as nourishment for the path ahead;  Bring also Christs Golden flame too; and with these two flames add the two remaining flames, the Rose-Pink Flame of Cosmic Love and Compassion, and the Emerald Green Flame of Healing;  Allow your soul to show you the thread of joy and use this to guide you! Look within and always be open to your soul showing you the way of the Flow!”