How the Golden Plasma Energies From the Source Transform Gaia and Humanity

A Follow-up Energy Report For September

Georgi Stankov, October 13, 2017

Since the arrival of the plasma energies at the solar eclipse portal on August 21st that are rapidly replacing the old energies of the 3D holographic model, we are in the flow in every respect. Things are beginning to align preparing our departure to the city of light New Raetia over the Alps which now seems to be very close.

After we downloaded the plasma energies during the solar eclipse portal on Aug 21st, we had two weeks of heavy-duty cleansing and separation of lower nuclear war timelines and this experience was dreadful in every respect. The radioactive fallout was even felt on our ascending timelines and the trees and plants suffered a lot and withered in our neighbourhood.

Then on September 5th, we had a second massive wave of plasma energies and this time we were told that we are initiating the second phase of building the new 5D earth after the old matrix energies were completely replaced by the first plasma wave. This would say that the collapse of the old matrix will now manifest full force.

On September 14 we went to West Vancouver for a final farewell lunch in a Chinese dumpling restaurant and then transmitted the golden light codes in the city that were downloaded in our fields the previous day. We reinforced and fully established the transgalactic portal network between the two cities of light – New Lemuria here in Vancouver and New Raetia in Central Europe – so that we can freely shuttle between the two. I was bilocating all the time to Germany, oscillating to and fro, as Carla saw me with her 3rd eye.

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On September 15, I was hit by a very violent wave of massive transmutation that caused a severe coughing fit all day long and pain in the throat. Finally, I did a cleansing procedure in the evening and mitigated the irritation in my throat by moving the energies. The next day I had a sore throat and the inflammation was creeping downwards into my bronchi and lungs. But the overall condition of my body improved significantly.

On September 16th, Julia came to us as we were told that it is important to have a joint session. Our HS who presented themselves as the gatekeepers of the source came to us and anchored the pillars of golden light officially. They told us that from now on we can create anything when we do this from the fulcrum of the Source and that it is a unique gift and that we should hold the highest vision of ourselves and humanity.

However the energetic onslaught during this whole week had its toll on us and we were very weak and somewhat disheartened. Even the information from the Elohim that we were introducing for the first time in the history of this planet the golden light of immediate creation from the Source could not really cheer us up. The leitmotif that from now on we can indeed create anything when we merge with the Source and its golden plasma energy in meditation and envision the sublime vision we can possibly develop was repeated again and again in all subsequent messages we received from the Elohim and the Source.

After I was hit very hard with these energies of massive transformation for two days in a row and was cursing everything and the universe, we went in the evening of September 17th to the local pub for the first time again in two years for a drink and a bite to honour our endurance and sacrifice on behalf of humanity. As soon as we ordered the food the Elohim came all of a sudden and we had a very lively discussion, although the TV sets were running high from all four walls showing American football.

Essentially they told us that we should expect very soon some major opening that would lead us to Munich from where the new theory of the Universal Law would begin its triumph and that I should be open to everything as the initial occasion may not be what I expected and I should not close this opportunity due to skepticism.

They confirmed that they gave me an inkling a few days ago that I would live in a big mansion near the English garden in Munich which startled me a bit as I was attuning to North Italy and did not have Munich on my card. Obviously we will live in both places and bilocate.

The Elohim told me that I am anchoring and transmitting this golden light for several months and actually Carla’s mother had returned from the senior residence to us in order to be a vessel for this light as we needed the divine trinity. I have imbued the codes of this golden light in my latest propaedeutics on the Universal Law. The Elohim had told Carla already in February that I was going to write a series of articles that would promote the Universal Law before I made this decision and knew about this announcement as Carla did not tell me anything about it.

The Elohim confirmed that the golden light is the light that is necessary for the introduction of the Universal Law and before that there was no chance of success as humanity is very low vibrating and human minds, especially those of the scientists, are fragmented and very illogical. They confirmed that we now live in a completely new reality, with a new physics, for which the Law applies and that this time there would be enough scientists to understand it. It might begin modestly but it would explode very soon.

When I heard that I complained that if they knew that it would take that long for the golden light of the Source to arrive so that the Law could be introduced, why did they allow for 20 years, after I had discovered it, to suffer so much and that it was a life-long sentence for me. The Elohim, through Carla, got very humorous and said: ” Dr. Stankov, what are twenty years? – a blink of an eye for the universe.” “Well, I am not the universe but a weak human being and I am tired of living in this fragile and painful physical body and would like finally to ascend and merge with the Source. I do not want to meditate myself to the Source as to create with my limited human mind, but want to know first hand how these energies operate”, I answered.

“Well”, the Elohim said: “We still need you here in this reality as there are very complicated alignments with other realities and parts of the universe.” “Why can’t we just transfigure and acquire our crystalline light bodies and then stay in this reality as avatars and do our mission?” I asked to which they responded: “In order to do this you need to establish new neurological pathways in your brain first.” ‘”And what are we doing all these years of LBP?” I asked, but the Elohim did not respond to that.

What we then got is that they did not want to spoil the party by giving us more information in advance because we ought to be positively surprised as to what would come and it would be magnificent.

During our conversation with the Elohim, both Carla and I got a vision as to how happy and satisfied we would be very soon in Munich when the breakthrough has happened and that with this event our current physical pain and cleansing would be gone forever. The next day I was the whole day in Munich in my thoughts and also energetically and developed a vision as to how the city would change to a 5D city of light. It was a very powerful vision.

On September 18th, we went to West Vancouver because Carla needed a certificate from her medical doctor. There we started to vibrate so massively that we could barely walk and climb a few staircases. While waiting in the medical office we watched on Google the visual map of the English Garden and the city of Munich which is of a very good quality indeed:

I showed Carla where I got the vision that our house would be, on the left western side of the English garden when one moved northwards from the south end where the House of Arts (Kunsthaus) was, the infamous art gallery, where the Nazis showed the “entartete Kunst der Moderne” to condemn it as decadent art in the ’30s.

Then all of a sudden I started to bilocate massively to Munich and my 3rd chakra was hit so hard that I could barely breathe. Carla was called to the doctor and I stayed in the waiting room squiggling on the chair in pain and trying to gasp for air. Then my HS told me that we had just activated the portal between the city of New Lemuria here in Vancouver and that of New Raetia in Munich and I was doing the final test runs. We first anchored the golden light here in Vancouver a few days ago when we had our farewell lunch, but the portal obviously needed some more light work.

The next days around Autumn equinox were full of pain, constant headache due to recurrent cc-waves, stomach pain as a result of further massive cleansing.

On Sept 26th we went to Vancouver as Carla had an appointment there. We drove earlier in order to visit a location we were told we shall move after our transfiguration. It is a place at Capitol Hill, the Italian quarter, with a beautiful view of the mountains and the harbour (ocean). It is very calm and very near to all key places in Vancouver with little traffic as otherwise, the city is a nightmare and constantly jammed, on the verge of a total infarct. As we had time, we drove a little bit on the nearby highway along the inlet Indian arm (Deep Cove) which we incorporated into the Infinity portal a few months ago. When we started with our trip, the vibrations were very pure and extremely high and refined but we noticed that we were already disseminating the codes of the new golden energies of immediate creation.

When we drove back to Capitol Hill the intensity of the vibrations skyrocketed all of a sudden and we were propelled somewhere between the 7th dimension and the Source. All of a sudden the traffic was jammed for no apparent reason, shortly before we reached our final destination and we had to wait for more than 10 minutes until the next traffic light was green and we could drive up the hill. When we arrived there and got out of the car, we could barely walk as the earth was wobbly and we were nauseated and shaky. The energies were pouring like the Niagara falls.

Back to Carla’s appointment on Broadway street, we were driving in a trance as we were literally lifted from this reality and observed it from above. While Carla had her appointment, I walked along Broadway and felt so insecure and wobbly on my feet as if I had been on a boat in a rough sea for a whole day. The intensity of the energies was as high as when we opened in 2014 the heart chakra of the second wavers at the Radiant Rose Academy, which was on Broadway at that time.

Then on the 27th of September, still under the spell and exhaustion from the previous day when we virtually ascended to the 7th dimension, I had the most profound depression I have ever had and it came from my soul and I could do nothing to suppress it. It was the utmost despair I have had so far.

The next day was on the contrary  – the most blissful day I have experienced in years. The air was mild, even warm, imbued with caressing bliss no matter what I did or not. There was such an ease and relief in my fields as I have never experienced since my youth when I was very happy and carefree. This was such a contrast to the previous day and I wondered how is it possible to be in hell one day and in heaven the next and that we have no control over our emotional experiences that come from the soul and which we can only ride like a surfer a high and dangerous wave.

We believe that on Sept 26th we made a huge leap to higher dimensions and that something significant happened but we could not get any specific information from the Elohim, except that we created a big multidimensional healing centre on top of Capitol Hill.

What is most important to know now is that we are able to create anything within our fields. One could envision anything which is not related to linear time and space as this brings you automatically on a lower timeline and it will be created. Then wait till it manifests. We had some miraculous resolutions and events in the last several days, and this is now very easy because we both keep our fields and house very high vibrating and cleanse it daily and make our daily invocations and meditations to create the reality we want to experience. This approach is very powerful and we both feel how creation occurs within our fields. The external reality is an illusion more than ever, although it still intercepts with ours in a manifold manner. One must have faith in this new ability to create with the new golden energies as this is how we now ascend like Baron Munchhausen who pulled himself out of the swamp on his own hairs against the law of gravitation…