Message From the Elohim on October 8th, 2017: Welcome to the Original World!

Carla Thompson, October 14, 2017


Georgi Stankov

On October 8th we received a message from the Elohim announcing the best news: we have finally entered the new original (pristine) 5D earth as it was always meant to be from the inception of Gaia before it devolved into a planet of extreme experimental conditions due to the full separation of the incarnated human personalities from the Source and their higher selves. If we still observe old 3D patterns and the cabal’s crimes at the collective stage of this consensual reality, these are mere shadows of a waning world that is only kept alive by the sluggish cognitive response of the masses to the new golden plasma energies that entered Gaia during the most powerful solar eclipse portal on August 21st. It took roughly six weeks to remove all the old energies of the current 3D holographic model and replace them with the new energetic structure of the 5D and higher dimensions up to the Source. During this time all light warriors and in particular, the PAT did massive heavy-duty cleansing of infinite timelines 3,000 years in the past and in the future as we were told by the Elohim on another occasion. Therefore everything negative we still observe is the collective dream of agnostic humans perpetuating their nightmarish illusion of a 3D karmic world shortly before their full awakening occurs, but it has no energetic relevance whatsoever.

In addition to the good news that we have finally entered the new pristine world, for which we have worked and cleansed so hard all these years, this message is essentially a private message for Carla what she will be doing in the coming days and eons of simultaneous time when she will fully embrace her mission as ascended master and creator Logos God.

On that day the energies were off the scale – as if we were both sitting on the acceleration chair of ascension – when we received this message in the late afternoon. We were still reeling from this energy wave the next day when our friend Julia visited us and we had another powerful light session and connected to the Source. The message of this session is essentially a continuation of the Elohim message and further expands on the quality of the incoming energies and the light work we are now doing on behalf of Gaia and humanity. This message will be published next.

Both messages from the Elohim and the Source represent undoubtedly the most important gnostic knowledge for humanity in the End Time as everything published on the Internet currently only reflects the limited interpretation of humans who do not have yet direct contact to the Source or have not established a proper intellectual and scientific framework to interpret the incoming waves of ascension in their true function and meaning within the new physics of the Universal Law. This is a serious cognitive problem of the esoteric community that I have admonished on numerous occasions in the past and also explains the necessity of the unique energetic work we are doing on behalf of humanity as described below.

This information would not be fully understood unless one has read our previous energy reports since end of July this year published on this website. Every energetic event, wave and ascension portal we have triggered, experienced and described so far is building upon the previous ones and can only be understood in its function upon this energetic background. These events highlight some of the most dramatic and critical moments in the final ascension phase of Gaia and humanity, which we have been performing as the Planetary Ascension Team (the PAT) since many years.

As I have announced in my latest ebook on the new theory of the Universal Law, we are currently actively working on the preparation of the energetic foundation for the global introduction of this new epochal theory that will bring about the new paradigm of life in the 5th dimension. I have discussed this aspect on so many occasions in the past that I will not elaborate on it at this place and assume that it is well-known to all my regular readers.

What Is Bioelectromagnetics?

The keyword in the Elohim message is the anchoring of “bioelectromagnetics” as a new energetic quality of the original, pristine world, which we have just entered. Although we still do not know exactly what “bioelectromagnetics” means in this context and are awaiting further instructions from the Elohim and the Source, we do have an educated personal interpretation based on the new theory of the Universal Law, which I shall share with you.

First, let me stress that we already live in a completely new pristine world which has also a completely new energetic structure and physics that are fundamentally different from the ones in the former 3D holographic model, which we still optically perceive, although it has actually ceased to exist as an energetic entity. This also holds true for all the dark forces that created the old matrix in the first place – they are gone forever – and by this I mean the incarnated aliens from the Orion-Reptilian empire, the former PTB, that pulled the strings of the ruling human cabal and the deep state behind the veil. Their human minions, the service-to-self elite, are still here in this reality. Their incarnation plan provides for them to experience the total collapse of the old matrix and their demise from power before they leave this earth and continue with their incarnation cycle on lower timelines until they have learned their karmic lessons and are ready for their ascension in the distant future.

In fact, we cleansed the astral planes of all timelines of Gaia from all dark archons last summer and wrapped up the astral planes forever. Since then I have not sensed any excarnated dark entity in my fields that encompass infinite timelines of Gaia. Before that we had to eliminate them in droves every single day with our lightsabres and their presence was suffocating.

If we still observe old dark forms of behaviour and machinations of the cabal, as the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, they have no energetic reality anymore but are mere shadows of the sleeping minds of the masses and symbols of what the people very soon will reject and turn away from in repulsion. The dialectics of such staged events has only one purpose – to awaken rapidly as many humans as possible so that they can make the shift to this new pristine world that already exists amongst them, even though they still cannot see it due to their blinding false beliefs and prejudices. But this is about to change within the blink of an eye very soon. This was confirmed one more time by the Elohim on October 8th after they gave us their message and then continued the conversation with us at dinner time.

Bioelectromagnetics” is not entirely a new term and its current connotation reflects past human experiences with the old energies. The way it is conventionally defined, e.g. in wikipedia, it applies indeed fully to the new General Theory of Biological Regulation that departs from the newly discovered fact by myself that all chemical energy from the food is degraded in numerous redox cascades of biological reactions (cycles) in the cells of the organism, known as metabolism, in order to produce electromagnetic gradients across all cellular and intracellular membranes. The latter represent the universal form of stored, available electromagnetic energy that provides the vis vitalis of the cells and the organism and through which the biological regulation is effectively accomplished by the invisible software program of the soul, which we also define popularly as “body elemental”.

Hence I have proved unequivocally that the human organism is a fine-tuned bio-electromagnetic cellular system. This revolutionary discovery rejects the current biochemical approach to the human body in bio-sciences, medicine and pharmacology. Methodologically these sciences are as fake as physics is a fake science and contribute to the greatest genocide in the history of mankind as I have proved in volume III on the General Theory of Biological Regulation and will discuss one more time in the next publication:

Bioelectromagnetics, also known as bioelectromagnetism, is the study of the interaction between electromagnetic fields and biological entities. Areas of study include electrical or electromagnetic fields produced by living cellstissues or organisms, including bioluminescent bacteria; for example, the cell membrane potential and the electric currents that flow in nerves and muscles, as a result of action potentials. “

However, this is a too narrow definition as it does not consider the intrinsic ability of the human mind and emotions (psyche) to be also generators of creation – the fact that all humans are powerful creators, even when they are still dwelling in a physical vessel. I am convinced that the Elohim used the term “bioelectromagnetics” in this new expanded meaning as the old one belongs to the old energies of 3D Gaia that we have left behind, respectively fully transformed on October 8th, 2017.

That is why the theory of the Universal Law, which was developed in the 90s, within these old energies that no longer exist, and applies to a perceived (bio)physics as human science that also belongs to this past epoch, which we ultimately eliminated on October 8th as a holographic model, must now be expanded and imbued with the new 5D golden plasma energies from the source that we introduced during the extremely powerful eclipse portal on August 21st (I was told by the Elohim that I actually began introducing the codes of the new golden plasma energies from the Source months earlier when I started publishing the chapters of the new ebook on the Universal Law in March 2017 and imbued the text with these new energetic codes as to actualize the message). It took roughly six weeks to substitute the old energies of Gaia with these new energies and to create the new original earth so that we can now begin with the conscious use of these energies to create all kinds of forms and other phenomena which are essentially of bioelectromagnetic nature, where the creator cannot be separated from the creation and vice versa as the Elohim stress in their message.

In other words, creation happens within our energetic fields, from the fulcrum of the Source, to which we are now fully connected and this results in a new entirely subjective reality within the still existing low vibrating consensual reality of the old 3D holographic model. It is important to note that while the old consensual reality was clustered around the lowest vibrating denominator, i.e. around the lowest vibrating psycho-mental thoughts and behavioral patterns of the humans, such as greed, envy, aggression, and all the other well-known human vices, and thus allowed only one consensual reality to exist, now, on the new pristine earth, we have a completely new situation, where numerous consensual realities co-exist depending on the level of vibrations of the individual. In this case low vibrating entities expressing these vices simply vanish from our subjective reality and move to a lower timeline. In the past this was not possible and star seeds carrying high vibrations like the PAT had to put up with the company of toxic morons, imbeciles and outright criminals who determined the collective outlook of the society we could not escape.

This explains our marginalisation and ostracizing in the old society. Now, in the new original world, we shall become very soon the focal point of the evolution of humanity. Actually we are already this focal point, but it may take some linear time for the masses to realize that. Life has changed profoundly since October 8th. We are now living in a 5D reality and it is up to us – up to the power and coherence of our imagination – how successful we are in the creation of any desired higher frequency reality from the fulcrum of the Source, to which every ascended human master, such as the members of the PAT, has now a full and direct access. It is very important to stress this again and again so that you start living as conscious creators.

Since October 8th no dark energies or patterns have any influence on us as they actually no longer exist energetically, but are empty synthetic images, even when these negative forms and dark entities may still lurk as Potemkin’s villages from the troublesome past as long as enough people cling to their old habitual nightmares. But with the introduction of the new immunity grid (see next article) also these humans will be healed and their awareness expanded, so that they will be able to see through the current illusion and make a choice to ascend to a better, more loving and harmonious reality.

This is how ascension happens – one step at a time or infinite steps simultaneously but the results manifest in this still sluggish reality only incrementally until the final threshold is reached and the planetary ascension can happen. Of course, we do not need to wait for this event, but should begin creating our reality in the Now and this is the quintessence of the Elohim message and that from the Source given to us on October 9th which will be the topic of our next publication.

Unfortunately in this new original world the human bodies and systems are still harboring a lot of blockages and dysfunctions that lead to all kinds of ailments and diseases. In particular, the mental diseases that prevent the necessary clarity of mind and logical holistic thinking which is indispensable for the ascension to 5D and higher, are very worrisome. That is why we introduced on October 9th in a joint light session with our friend Julia the immunity grid from the Source. This was done with the help of the Tibetan masters, and we must now simply wait till the minds of the people begin to heal, expand and incorporate the Divine Mind of the Source which we introduced on August 6th this year in another joint light session with our friend Julia.

This is the most important transformation humanity is undergoing since its beginnings. It could not happen earlier as we only established the new original world the other day when all energetic manipulations of the dark cabal, the former PTB, were eliminated as low vibration patterns. This was the result of a gargantuan heavy-duty cleansing which we and the PAT performed since August 21st when the golden plasma energies were anchored through us on Gaia and began to replace the old 3D energies in all kingdoms – plants, rocks, animals and the planetary grid.

Now we can also eliminate their detrimental influence on the human bodies as nobody can ascend to 5D with these blockages and imbalances in the physical vessel, which are low-vibrating 3D and 4D patterns, including various nefarious ethereal implants and other devices that have been inserted there by dark archons against the will of the individual.

In this broader sense, we already employ bioelectromagnetics, which is the application of the golden plasma energies from the Source, in order to modulate, heal and re-create humanity as pristine energetic entities – as Adam Kadmon. We are doing this in our function as Logos Gods and human expressions of the Source. In other words, bioelectromagnetics stands for the conscious use of this golden plasma energy of immediate creation coming from the Source which we already introduced in our fields in early August this year, before the solar eclipse portal on August 21st, when the plasma energy could flood, through our already open multidimensional energy fields, the entire Gaia, including all her infinite timelines and kingdoms. The Elohim urge us to begin to use it now before the global ID shift happens, also in order to accelerate its coming, as this is the way how we now create our subjective higher vibrational reality in every moment in the Now.

But this term also means that we shall be able to demonstrate very soon to humanity how to create and how to use these Source energies in daily life. Carla, for instance, being an Elohim of the first cause provides these energies in their original form from the Source. She will obviously write books that will instruct the ascending humanity in this direction. I, as an Elohim of the third cause who creates forms, will use these energies to create and expand the new 5D cities of light that already exist and will manifest very soon on this new original earth. This also includes the introduction of the Astral currency in the interim period and later on the abolition of money and the establishment of an enlightened society that thrives on immediate creation as the new humans will recognize the absurdity of money in All-That-Is, which is unlimited creative energy where humans are an integral part.

However, only after the human minds are completely healed from their current confusion and compartmentalisation, which has caused a significant devolution of the human propensity to think in a congruent, logical and abstract (holistic) manner, will they begin to realize the advantages and promises of direct creation of new forms at the level of bio-electromagnetism (Please observe that all material forms we see now are electromagnetic fields and structures, this is also true for matter as I have proved in the new theory of the Universal Law).

This creation will begin with us as Logos Gods in human biological form, hence the composed word “bio-electromagnetics”. These new bioelectromagnetic forms will be distinctly different from the past ones as they will be based on superconductivity that is now an integral part of the energetic structure of the new original earth. This will enable the creation of anti-gravity vehicles and other devices based on unlimited free photon energy and also the use of planetary and intergalactic portals for interdimensional travels at a later stage.

The people will recognize for the first time in a profound manner the advantages of the new theory of the Universal Law and will be eager and willing to study it and implement it in education, research and daily life (above all as ethics and transcendental Gnosis). It is a combo-package specially tailored by the Source for this agnostic humanity that will ultimately bring about the new 5D paradigm of life.

It is, however, important to stress at this place that the introduction of the new theory of the Universal Law is just one facet, though decisive, of our creationary light work as Logos Gods at the human level, while we at the same time do all the additional, much bigger and more important creationary light work at the planetary and cosmic levels. This includes the seeding of the new Golden Galaxy, where Gaia is now firmly anchored after she made her ultimate intergalactic shift on February 14, 2017, the creation of New Lemuria and New Raetia as the new cities of light, from where the true evolution of humanity will begin on this new original earth, the healing and redemption of all incarnated souls, what we are accomplishing since many years as reported on my website, and of course the cleansing and purging of all dark archons from the astral plane and its elimination last summer. Not to speak of our continuous efforts to ascend Gaia since we collectively opened the stargates 11.11.11 and 12.21.12 and ushered the last most decisive phase of planetary ascension, by ongoing anchoring and supporting its crystalline grid, transmission of numerous codes from the Source that raise the frequencies of all humans, etc., etc. We can only fathom the multidimensional light work we are doing on behalf of Gaia and humanity in each and every moment while sacrificing our health and our very existence as biological human beings.

In a broader sense, this all can be described as bioelectromagnetics, as long as we dwell in a physical, biological body from where we perform all these creations at multiple levels and dimensions, then beyond the 5th dimension, there is no electromagnetism anymore but pure refined energy. This also includes the anchoring of the immunity grid on October 9th which I shall discuss in more detail in the following publication. In this context, bioelectromagnetics is a general term that describes immediate creation of all kinds of electromagnetic forms and interventions in the human system in upper 4D and 5D by humans (creation and creator are one and the same), while still being in a physical body or later on in a crystalline light body as transfigured ascended masters.

But since even this kind of creation at these lower dimensions is dependent on the direct use of Source energies, we are urged by the Source to only create from the Source as otherwise, nothing meaningful would happen. Bioelectromagnetics as a particular form of immediate creation is an U-set of the creation of All-That-Is that comes directly from the Source. In this sense, the word ‘Source” is a synonym for All-That-Is and this is also the primary term of human consciousness from which the new Axiomatics and Theory of the Universal Law is derived.


Message from The Elohim: Welcome to the Original World!

By Carla Thompson, channeled on October 8th, 2017

We are at Boundary Bay beach (Vancouver, Canada) walking along the shoreline, watching the thousands of birds resting in the calm ocean preparing for their long migration south for the winter.  Today, and for some time now, I myself am wondering what has been the reason behind the seeming blockage to the introduction of the Universal Law. This has puzzled me for years, and as I stand on the sand and feel the cool Fall air sweeping over us and the land, I really feel that there is just something not right about the whole scenario.  Georgi confirms that it has been exactly 20 years that he has felt blocked from bringing this science forward to the scientific community, both at the level of peer-reviewed journals as well as through any meaningful discussion at the university level.

What can the matter be?

We have a long walk and the smell of the seawater cleanses our fields and feels really refreshing at the energetic level, but we decide to return home as the air is quite cool and we are feeling chilled. When we return home the Elohim come with a beautiful and profound message:

Greetings Dear One! 

We are the Elohim and we come to you now following your hearts passionate call to us!

Welcome to the new world! 

It is what we call the Original World, one of divine perfection and whole expression, as it was intended – it greets you now.  It has been a long journey and there has been much cleansing; cleansing at the subatomic level through the expanding mechanism of the plasma based energetic rays that flooded your reality at the August 21st portal. This beautiful golden ray perfuses every expression and on numerous levels:

The reality of the Original World is multi-faceted and multi-folded; one reality folding into another, into another and into another, and so on. These realities are created by the minds of man and which lead to many over-lapping consensual realities so that in fact the Original world holds many consensual realities at differing levels of refinement.  

The mechanism remains the same as the old world reality creations: As each individual thinks a particular thought, that reality is then created, supported by similar thoughts of others, to create one consensual reality.  However now, in the Original World, there are multiple layers of consensual realities created from thoughts, although there is a much greater refinement of the creationary process since the subatomic linking systems are driven by pure emotion that acts as the glue to seal the destiny of each and every thought.  

This new energetic structure is not founded on the emotive energies that once gave guidance to the creation of the one consensual reality of the old world: the energies of competition, hatred, jealousy, unkindness, uncaring, the need for domination over the other, self-centredness and so many more. The new energetic structure is driven by only the purest thoughts and a pervasive loving kindness toward all people.  It is now more important than ever for each one of you to remain in a state of neutrality when presented with situations and thoughts that trigger any lower frequency emotions.  There is now an instant creation of a consensual reality that will always instantly reflect your thoughts, your emotions, your ideas and your passions whether they are founded in negatively based emotions or positively based emotions.  We have promoted the idea for a long time that you hold only the highest of frequencies around your thoughts and emotions and this was the training ground in preparation for your arrival now into the powerful creationary energies of the Original World.  

Why are we discussing these dynamics with you now? You both attuned to the new reality today while walking at the beach discussing between yourselves why there appears to be a discrepancy between what you feel you are creating and what is appearing before you. It is certain that in the old world reality if there is great interest and excitement among groups of individuals with regard to one expressed reality, then any reality is up for the making.  Likewise, it is difficult for one or two individuals to create a reality on their own without the energetic support of others to at least create an opening for new ideas and the energy of change, in the first instance.  

In the Original world, an energetic displacement is first required (ID shift?) in order to clear the path. In order for a cleared energetic pathway to be created, major alignments need to fall into place.  Alignments with geometric source, alignments of energetic patterns frequency and focus of intensity, duration, extrication, application, flexibility, dominion – all are received within a new framework of truth, the foundation of which must be in place as the energetic blueprint to any new “expanding” reality.  Yes, and this lies in the expansion of the level of consciousness within the human mind.

You have asked for clarity of your current mission arising from the deep knowing that your true mission lies not in expanding the direct awareness and understanding of a profound scientific teaching (this is Georgi’s mission), but rather in the intuitive impression that what is required now in this new emerging framework is the clearing of a new pathway that supports the arrival of a new idea, discipline or paradigm.  

Bioelectromagnetics is the foundation of the new paradigm and the time has come to create a new energetic foundation for the arrival of this new discipline.

The first step is through guided writings that shall expand humanities conscious awareness of the connection to the universe and the universal activity defined in bioelectromagnetics as a foundation of the principles of Creator/Creation:

                           Creator Creation    and   Creation  Creator   

              … the elements they hold are steady, reciprocal, permanent and infinite.

The next steps shall reveal themselves to you at the appropriate time and shall be focused on the simple energetic dynamics of bioelectromagnetism.

This is a re-branding, a re-fit, a renewal of an energy that has lost pace with an expanding and ever-refining reality, the reality that makes up the Original World, that is before you today.

You have both asked for clarity now and it is our deepest desire and joy to bring this clarity to you at this time as this time is right and the time is Now.

With all of our deepest love and gratitude,

The Elohim