The Elohim Announce the Descent of the City of Light New Raetia Over the Alps

Carla Thompson, October 13, 2017

A big shift today again. It began with an email from Nikolai who sent a picture about a sudden dark sky and exciting blissful energies at 4:00 pm on August 24th in Zurich like the ones described in Plovdiv with the word “Gusto!”  I see a deep crystalline blue cloud of energy flowing in a corridor southwest of Munich, actually more towards Italy, but ballooning out to include Switzerland, the French Alps, the Northern Alps in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, and up and around to Austria, returning to Germany.  It is a very large area.

Message from the Elohim:

“This cloud of energy was sent as a preliminary foundation to the installation of the New Raetia City of Light.  This is a prerequisite or pre-condition for the realization of a higher frequency reality.

It is true that there was cleansing with the rain and wind [as Nicolai mentions in his note].  Electrical activity in the form of lightening also clears all electromagnetic fields to neutralize their charge, spin rate and direction.

It is time for the new portal in the European Alps to begin its function as a new portal of plasma light, a foundation of the new Earth energy.

There are many portals around the earth being activated at this time to bring in and distribute the plasma energy including the Himalayan, Andean and now the Central European Alp portals.  The Alps area requires great stability at this time, rising from the imbalance of man-made energetical fields within the central European area [ I am shown the CERN facility].

The precious jewel known as Europa has experienced eons of strife upon its land and in its seas. There is a great requirement of balanced energy at this time and this is one of the reasons for the activation of your personal fields to orientate to this area.  

The family members traveling to this area are there for a reason = to prepare the fields and stabilize the Earth’s Merkaba before your arrival. It is no coincidence that family members are convening at that coordinate at this time.  Their energetic support is needed as a “back fill” until the moment of your arrival is confirmed.  Be patient with this most complex process.  It is the creation of a multi-dimensional reality that interfaces with this high-level third dimension.  There is no need to explain these details to most family [Nikolai is okay] at this time as their focus remains at a lower expression and understanding.  Suffice it to say that they are on holiday!  In this way, their joy shall be the most powerful force in supporting the new reality grids of the multidimensional reality now being overlaid onto the current third-dimensional layers of reality.

We love you and we are with you!”

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