The Gathering of the 144,000 Warrior Souls For the Great Oversoul Gateway on August 3rd, 2017

An Encounter With the Great Crystalline Beings of Light and Babaji

Carla Thompson, October 13, 2017

It is August the 3rd and a beautiful warm day, and even though the sky is grey with smoke from the Cache Creek fire, Georgi and I are looking forward to meeting up with Julia as we have been guided to do so.  Something is in the air!
As we are driving to White Rock in the Vancouver region, I perceive thousands of beings/ energies coming into the ethereal realm above us, gathering together for our meeting, and this is highly unusual – it has never happened before like this in this magnitude.  There is a palpable excitement in their energy. As we get comfortable in our seats at a small outdoor restaurant we feel the presence of the great Crystalline Beings of Light who emanate great love, great peace and beautiful blue light.   

They call this visit “The Gathering” and explain that many light-bearers are feeling a great degree of disorientation, at the soul level, asking “Where Am I?”  “What is happening to me?” and so on.  They explain that these are the feelings arising from the 144,000 warrior souls who sense the oversouls above who have come at this time to collect their soul fragments – Us!   

This is the “Harvest” of which many have spoken. This is the moment where You, the human soul fragment that is reading this message shall be lifted into the greater soul expression, the  Oversoul  Family of Light.  This is what we are calling “The Ascension”, “The Lightning”, “The Expansion into Wholeness”.

The great Crystalline Beings of light explain that every individual soul strand has 12 parallel soul fragments that must each be integrated into the Oversoul first, before it is then integrated into the Whole.  As we do this we enter into a total recall of all parallel lives on other timelines, being past and present, collecting all memories and making peace deep within our own hearts with every expression, so that all negativity is released. { This is the reason why we have all been going through so many emotional challenges as recently as late July of this year }  As we do this we are bringing our divine soul expression in alignment and this alignment may be called the “Zero Point” which then holds the potential of immediate creation.  
As we are communing with these great beings, we feel such infinite power, infinite energy and infinite love for us and all of humanity, and reverence is in the air when they confirm they are “The Architects” of this great time of evolution for us from this third-dimensional expression onward into a whole new level of divine expression.  
They emphasize that All of the work we have done in this incarnation has led to this very moment in our evolution as souls having a human experience.  All of it!  We are not to be afraid at all, rather move forward in confidence and rejoice in our achievement in this culmination.  That this day, August 3rd is the opening of “The Great Oversoul  Gateway” that will go for the next 21 days of this month.  They assure us that we can simply let go and go with the flow, focusing on only those experiences and feelings that hold the highest of love and laughter within us, holding in every moment the space of spontaneous joy, always turning away from everything that does not align with this truth.  
For in this process all fragments must be brought home now.  Continue to allow the feelings to rise up in order to make peace with every issue that comes before you.  Send it love as there is, only Love.  
There will be rejoicing in the Body Elemental because it is sensing the immortality and rejuvenation.  They ask us to please honour our obligations to the physical body by drinking a lot of pure water and taking in food for the Light Body, a plant-based diet in the coming days.
They continue that as a Galactic Stargate it naturally carries all the Codes that visible teachers have had on this planet over many eons of time. This includes Jesus/The Christ consciousness and the great Avatar Babaji to name a couple.  At this moment Babaji joined our discussion stating brightly that he is keeping an eye on everything!  What a beautiful energy he is – a radiant, loving, pure white light!  
Babaji spoke of India and the Himalayas as not only being his sacred earthly home but also a long-standing portal to the Infinite. He suggested that we bring the vibration of the Himalayas and his consciousness into our awareness now and this will assist in bringing us up into the best vibration.  We may also focus on the Andes mountains in order to bring in that high frequency into our beings.  He continued by saying that we are shifting from a form-based identity to a completely new way of seeing ourselves where there will be “no reflection in the mirror”.
He suggests that we must do all we can to hold joy within our being and in doing so we bypass societal conditioning, so vital in our evolution beyond this reality.  I asked him what we should be calling this Gateway and he laughed and said “This is the ULTIMATE Stargate!  And I will leave the rest up to You!”
He suggests that we choose every decision carefully now in order to go beyond the Law of Attraction: to extract ourselves from the drama because this moment in time is a frequency shift that necessitates the highest of vibrations. He showed us a chessboard and said “Well, what’s your next move?”  He suggests Letting Go of the lower vibrations by taking an inventory of what we are doing every day that results in choosing our current level of consciousness and deciding what resolution we need to bring us to our own personal highest frequency.
We are told that we may get inner impulses to move to other areas on the planet and to hold these impulses in our hearts for we are being divinely guided. The way shall be revealed to us when the time is ripe. 
The Crystalline Beings ask that we send healing energy of love to the crystalline grid every day, to support it through this very important gateway.  They honour us and love us with great reverence.
After this sacred sharing, we walked down to the beach and noticed the smoke had completely cleared revealing a beautiful crystalline blue sky above us in the shape of a round dome.  We had ascended to a higher dimensional timeline. What is my own personal knowing about all of this?… There is really only one thing to remember now  – We are already Home.