The Initiation of the Phase Transition of Gaia and Humanity to 5D Prior to the Solar Eclipse Portal on August 21st, 2017

The Golden Plasma Energies From the Source Flood the Earth and Humanity and Replace All Old 3D Energies

Message From the Elohim

Carla Thompson, October 13, 2017


Georgi Stankov

Here is Carla’s report and the message of the Elohim which we received after we experienced the magnificent ID shift and expansion to 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions on August 17th. This is the Beginning of the final Transmutation and Transfiguration of this 3D holographic reality into a more fluid, light-filled 5D energetic structure where the current space-time and its perception with limited human senses will cease to exist and the simultaneous Now-time of All-That-Is will take shape. This will happen on the one hand through the new underlying energetic edifice of the new 5D-earth that is currently being installed, and on the other hand, by the total reset of human awareness after our physical vessels will be transfigured in a unique phase transition from carbon-based bodies with very slow functioning brains due to the retardation in the propagation of the neuronal signals in the synaptic junctions into crystalline light bodies and brains based on superconductivity and immediate multidimensional knowledge.

This is the total energetic reset that is happening now beginning on August 17th. It will culminate in the next three days at the solar eclipse on August 21st when the actual phase transition from current 3D space-time to simultaneous time (as frequency) will occur, also known in esoteric circles as “zero-point”. After the solar eclipse, it would most probably take another three days for these new energies and transformation to be fully utilized and anchored in Gaia and humanity as the new earth will also display a completely new density, gravitation and energetic structure and all these changes have to be introduced in an immaculate manner. Every form on this planet, be it of organic or physical nature, will undergo this profound quantum transformation. 

The visible manifestation of this change which started on August 17th, as experienced by us and described by Carla below, will occur most probably after August 24th as we were told during our first session regarding the final ascension portal (Lion’s gate beginning on July 21st – culmination at August 8th – till August 12th, and solar eclipse on August 21st ending on August 24th). This final ascension portal was defined by the blue crystalline beings on August 3rd during our first meeting with Julia at Crescent Beach, within the confines of the Infinity portal, as the “Big Gathering” of the soul fragments of the 144,000 light warriors of ascension by their Oversouls, which are explicitly mentioned in the bible (in St. John’s revelations) for the End Time. 

In order for the ultimate energetic transfiguration of humanity to take place, on August 6th we ascended to the 6th dimension during our second meeting with Julia in White Rock and began with the dissemination of the codes of the Divine Mind that will eliminate the inherent compartmentalization of the human ego-mind as the creator of the old illusory 3D reality in preparation for its transfiguration into multidimensional crystalline mind /awareness with unlimited cognitive potential and ability for immediate creation.

We transmitted these codes of the divine mind which Carla received through her crown chakra from the Source /Godhead and then sent to me to distribute them through my heart chakra within our powerful protuberance field to all ascending humans in the following days. This is just a cursory description of the immense and multifaceted energetic work we are doing in the last months, weeks and days, which is so complex and awesome that our human minds can only have scanty glimpses. 

The distribution of the codes of the divine mind reached a peak on August 15th when we celebrated the 30-year-anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 when the central sun transmitted the first ascension codes and the last most intensive phase of the planetary ascension was initiated. I remember this event very well as it was a clarion call for me to come back home. With it my life changed profoundly and could no longer be described as normal human destiny. Ten years later the Universal Law was discovered and the new theory was fully established with the publication of the German volume I on physics and mathematics in July 1997. The breakthrough of the new theory will happen in the course of this year of 2017 as already announced in my open letter to scientists in the new easy propaedeutics on the Universal Law.

This latest message of the Elohim came after we had a lengthy discussion with Carla on the physical background of the current energetic transfiguration of Gaia and humanity to 5D civilisation on August 18th. I have tackled this issue in numerous articles in the last six years on my website from the position of the new theory of the Universal Law. The most amazing aspect of this transmission was that Carla had completely forgotten what I explained to her when she received the message from the Elohim, while it existed as knowledge in her subconscious. This enabled the Elohim to give her this message which is a very precise summary of the more lengthy explanation which I gave Carla from a physical point of view.

Ultimately one cannot receive more information than what one already knows at the human mind level. That is why it is so important to expand the human mind and strive for the utmost clarity so that when one gets a message from the higher realms it will fully utilize the intellectual potential of the channeller and will contain most valuable information in precise language. This mutual interdependence between the intellectuality of the medium and the high quality of channeled messages is not at all understood my most channellers. That is why the value of such messages is at best modest and in most cases appallingly naive and outright embarrassing.

This ongoing ascension portal will lead to the ultimate ID shift and our transfiguration as the Planetary Ascension Team and the new ascended masters. We are the creators of this new reality and the object of this Creation at the same time. It is a historical document of immense value for the entire humanity.


Hello everyone!

We felt a massive shift on the 17th of August in the early evening and tonight I have decided to write about it, including what I saw in meditation earlier today.  These visions are so different from what I have seen before and it’s really a remarkable change to what I have been seeing over the past several years.  These visions may also resonate with what some of you have noticed as well.  

Georgi and I were discussing the physical mechanics of superconductivity after which the Elohim came with this information below.  This experience was so remarkable.   We have truly enjoyed some highly unusual, interesting and beautiful experiences and this one ranks right up at the top of all-time unforgettable moments!  Enjoy!

With Love, 


The Discussion

Georgi and I went to Steveston Village after we decided the roof was falling down on us – we both knew a walk around the block just wouldn’t cut it and since Georgi was getting that we should go to Fisherman’s Wharf there –  off we went to Steveston Village!

Heavy vibrating energies began to flow through our fields as we drove there.  We stopped for gas at the lowest priced gas pump in a 30 kilometre radius and it was then that Georgi was shaking/vibrating from the intensity of the download.  I myself felt very restless and uneasy, feeling that something was about to happen at any moment.

After fueling up we continued on to Steveston and within twenty minutes we had decided to stop for tea and a baked delight to re-ground ourselves after this intense download of energy. Within a matter of a few minutes, we found ourselves under a blue “bell sky” and it really felt like the 5th, 6th or even 7th dimension! It felt like we had risen on Angel’s wings to an indescribable space of complete peace and harmony.

After a few minutes, we both realized that we were disseminating the energies and the Codes that we had received on a couple of occasions within the past month. The air itself was crystal clear with seeming perfect visibility all the way to Vancouver Island.  The clouds off in the distance appeared to be above Victoria, some 80 kilometres away and I smiled in reminiscence of Lemuria as I enjoyed the wispy pink, violet and white clouds, appearing like icing on a birthday cake.

We really felt as though we were ascending since nothing felt like it “used to” and this pure clear energy of a pale crystalline gold colour pervaded every molecule. This was another incredible experience and certainly nothing that either of us have ever felt before.

We took amazing photos and felt as though we were floating through the air.

Three hours later our bodies were still buzzing all over and we both became extremely tired and couldn’t stay awake any longer. Our eyes were watering, our third chakras were spinning and the high-pitched tone in our ears was extremely loud.  We definitely felt like we had experienced an ascension of sorts!

August 18, 2017  Message from The Elohim

In deep meditation this morning I am seeing wave upon wave of golden light, actually many waves of golden light.  They are each separate and apart from one another, as though they are each holding a different frequency, a different molecular frequency or “space”; each occurring in a constant moment; all present at once, no delays, no beginning, no ending; a rotation of the “Earth” reality is shown to me and I hear the words “phase shift”, then I hear “interdimensional phase shift”.

Then this afternoon the Elohim told me “the energies you both felt yesterday evening (August 17, 2017 about 7:30 pm PST) resulted from the breaking free from the old densified reality, which created the move into a new rarefied form of expanded reality as a result of the flooding of Light-energy; the result being to morph the densified reality into a more “fluid” one.  By more “fluid” it is meant that the intra-atomic bonds are ‘looser’, hold a greater range of movement which leads you into a reality that holds more Light!  Looser bonds equals more Light, and means more flexibility, more dynamic action or flow between atoms and molecules; leading to a loss of molecular density and enhancement of the superconductive properties of the crystalline world of creation.

This is a great moment in time where every single expression within this, God’s Creation, is re-forming, re-tooling, re-expressing in All The Beauty and Magic of the New Golden Galaxy.  An auspicious time indeed for each and every expression in this beautiful creation, from Atom to Galaxy and everything in between!  

This is a Miracle Unfolding!”