The Plasma Wave at the Solar Eclipse Portal on August 21st, 2017

A Discussion With the Crystalline Light Beings From the Source

Carla Thompson, October 13, 2017


Georgi Stankov


This is Carla’s report on the unique and magnificent experience we made with the plasma wave that flooded Gaia and humanity throughout our bodies and fields during the solar eclipse on August 21st. I could have written a lot about my personal experience and explanation of this incredible event that is the culmination of our light work during eons of human incarnations, including this last rather long and challenging one, but I will refrain from that. It suffices to say that everything I have written so far and theoretically explained with regard to the planetary and personal ascension has come true. 

The phase transition to the new 5D earth and the galactic human civilisation in the new Golden Galaxy has commenced yesterday with the solar eclipse. Since then this planet and our bodies are no longer the same. It is now irrelevant how long it will take until the plasma energies permeate all structures and forms on the earth before the final ID shift can manifest and it will most probably happen at different points in time for each and every individual. However, I firmly believe that there will be a global planetary ID shift that will affect all humans one way or another as the old holographic matrix no longer exists. Every truly evolved human being must feel it now. This may happen any moment from now on until the end of this year. Who cares? We know that it is done and we feel with every cell and fiber of our bodies that we have already entered the energetic bliss of 5D and higher dimensions. 

It is noteworthy to mention that on August 20th we discussed with Carla the quality of the new energies we expected to come during the solar eclipse portal. I suggested that we can as well describe them as “plasma fields and energies” as current plasma in physics displays a greater degree of freedom for all atoms, molecules and elementary particles than normal matter and this is what the new quantum 5D structure of superconductivity will bring to this planet when the phase transition occurs. Obviously we were inspired by our HS to use this term as this was precisely the word the great blue crystalline beings used in their message to Carla while helping us to install these plasma energies throughout our fields into Gaia and humanity during the solar eclipse on August 21st and begin with the replacement of the old 3D energies of separation, duality and polarity. 

Now the celebrations can begin…


Carla’s Report on the Plasma Wave at the Solar Eclipse Portal on August 21st, 2017

This was a magnificent experience at the Infinity Portal at Crescent Beach during the eclipse.  I feel this was perhaps one of the most successful crowning events of the entire Ascension process.We were attended by the great Crystalline Beings of Light as soon as we settled down into a beautiful sandy spot along the beachfront.  There were not many people out so the human energies were sparse.  Georgi began to cough strongly with what seemed like an acute asthmatic attack.  This began an hour before the maximal solar eclipse and carried on without interruption for almost twenty minutes after as he experienced a heavy in-flow of what he described as a “new” energy that was coming through his expanded fields.  At first, I thought this was the result of some type of personal cleansing that he needed to complete before this shift could be integrated into his body but after it was all over we got an explanation from the Crystalline Beings as to what had actually taken place.  

When the coughing fit receded and the energy intensity picked up Georgi described this episode as “a massive installment of a new energetic structure at the quantum level” in his body and fields.  The Crystalline Beings elaborated on his personal experience by telling us it was a “replacement of the carbon-based body with a plasma crystalline light body also known as the Adam Kadmon Template“.  We discussed this template at length in 2012 and 2013, and we, the first wavers, built our Adam Kadmon template in the Fifth and higher dimensions around that time.  The Adam Kadmon Template is the ideal human template with the original pristine DNA structure before it was manipulated to cause the fall from grace and the separation from the Source. 

The Crystalline Beings also confirmed the Adam Kadmon is the highest divine blueprint of every species not just for the human and that is likely why during the eclipse I personally experienced a great pervading peace that overcame me and deeply moved me. The tears flowed spontaneously for over twenty minutes, arising from a deep knowing that there had been a ‘completion’ and pervasive healing through every cell in my body, in every human body and in every expression within the plant kingdom, animal kingdom and crystal kingdom.  I felt there was a deep physical healing of the Earth as if it was transformed by this new conscious living plasma-light that lifted her out of the abyss and saved her from certain unnatural turmoil. 

They expanded their discussion to say there was “a replacement of the ‘old’ electromagnetic body with a new plasma-light body needed for a new world, a new earth where new crystalline structures formulate that new reality.  The human lungs are most delicate and have reacted to this new adaptation; this is the reason for the respiratory excitement.  There are adjustments at the quantum level needed for the deep/ profound alignment of the New Earth and the Golden Galaxy. There is quantum restructuring to create maximal realignment to all new expressions”.

We were told there was “plasma dissemination through your combined fields that first flows to all of humanity then it shall be anchored into the earth plane in a domino effect, rippling through the quantum structure of every form.  A good deal of this change shall not be noticed by any human who has not yet opened their inner sight; and those who have opened their inner sight shall notice an alluring natural beauty in the now present crystalline structuring in matter, in sunlight and in the air, noticed especially upon waking from deep sleep.” 

The information continued to flow…

“Anchor the plasma energy into the earth directly via the crystalline grid for this grid now becomes the template or carrier of this new life energy, needed to support the manifestation of a new crystalline earth.  Anchor the energy while holding love in your hearts as this is the carrier wave of all transmissions now.  Love is the fuel of all activity in the ascending worlds.  The human heart must be open to this truth now, in order to take part in this new phase of expansion.

The Crystalline Beings of Light are always so full of love and endless compassion for us all. They came again today as I sat outside in the warm summer air, typing up this report.  There is a new Earth around us now, we both feel it strongly since the eclipse yesterday.  Open your hearts, minds and physical senses to perceive the difference in the sunlight, the air and even in your bodies. Georgi and I both feel completely different since this experience.  We share this experience from a place of deep love for all of you.