Message from the Elohim on the Third City of Light – Terra Nueva, South America

Carla Thompson, November 16, 2017


This message from the Elohim is asking lightworkers to energetically support the creation of the new city of light, Terra Nueva, in Southern Ecuador/Northern Peru. You may be guided to support this process through a meditation, or you may simply resonate with an active initiation of your contribution, consciously and dynamically, once it activates a deep knowing within that this is your role in the ascension process.   

No matter how you come to this knowing, my suggestion is to simply invoke and envision golden Source light, in the form of golden pillars, settling onto the land and intending it to flow directly into the crystalline grid deep within the Andean mountains.  This will help establish strong source light pillars which provide the energetic foundation for the anchoring of the new city of light, Terra Nueva.   

The completion of the Earth/World ascension portal is key to the whole expansion process.  This is why we are being asked to focus on this light work in this moment. 

I am grateful for any and all participation during this time of great expansion into the Unity field around us. 

With love, 


“…There are many portals opening now as humanity moves forward into the Unity field of the Fifth Dimension/ the expanded unified reality. 

Some world portals and cities of light are even moving further into what you may call the seventh dimension… from where the cities of light are originally created and descending.  The Andean portals are gaining momentum/strengthening in this moment and… thoughtful orientation of your lightwork in support of this area on Earth is honoured in this moment.   

The energies that you send to this region stabilize the pillars of Source light that now descend into the area… and these Source light pillars act as the preliminary energetic support structure that anchors the new city of light, Terra Nueva. 

[ The Elohim offer this name which is different than the name received in a past message provided by Shinzi Rumi: 

I am seeing this city of light as an aspect of Ternua, and I am also shown that Terra Nueva is located in Ecuador/ Peru, as opposed to Ternua which is located in Peru/Bolivia area. The Elohim state there is no space in an expanded reality and therefore this is why Terra Nueva is also “an aspect of Ternua”, note Carla.]  

The anchoring of the pillars of Source light has been completed here [New Lemuria, West Coast Canada] as well as in the European Light City of the Alps [New Raetia]; There is a movement of energy toward the City of Light in the Andean range that involves alignment and anchoring upon the crystalline grid in that region… This city of light, Terra Nueva provides not only the sacred energetic balance to the Original World, but the successful integration into the new worldwide grid is necessary for the overall ascension process – a unified crystalline grid of source pillars of light completes the world/earth ascension portal. 

The world/earth itself holds the key to a successful ascension process not available to you prior to the replacement with the Original World.   

Everything moves forward in divine elegance. 

With our loving support, we are the Elohim.”