On the New Cities of Light – A Message From The Elohim and Master Kuthumi

Carla Thompson, November 8, 2017



Georgi Stankov

Yesterday Brigitte wrote to me from Meran, Northern Italy about groups of lightworkers in Switzerland, Germany and Austria who are coming together to support the new city of light in the Alps and connect to other cities of light throughout the world. I will enclose her email and my response below. After we read her email, Carla and I had a long discussion on the role of the city of light New Raetia, which we are building since many years and how auspicious it is that other lightworkers from Central Europe are now beginning to also envision this 5D construction and make concrete efforts to support and expand it. I have been saying for many years that New Raetia will be the new cultural, intellectual, spiritual and technological hub for the entire new original 5D earth from where all the major impulses will come for the entire humanity to evolve into a multidimensional, transgalactic civilisation.

For several months my soul urges me constantly to develop new advanced ideas on how the structure of the Old Continent will look like when New Raetia will manifest and resume its activity. I have been the leading thinker (Vordenker) my whole life and I never know which will be the next topic to deal with. I simply follow willingly the inspiration of my soul and know that I will always get the necessary information and impulses to complete my task. In the last months, I was preoccupied with the present and future role of the East European Slavonic nations which now function more or less as “cordon sanitaire” to protect Western Europe from the alleged Russian menace and with little or no free space to develop their own identity under the thumb of the EU. Now with the obvious collapse of the EU structure such countries as Czechia, Hungary (it is not a Slavonic country but has very much in common with the Slavonic way of life), Poland and others have begun to emancipate themselves from the unelected bureaucratic cabal in Brussels and experience their insidious blackmail on numerous occasions.

In fact, if one looks at the map it is easy to see that all the East European Slavonic countries encompass about half of the European territory, with Russia and former Soviet republics more than two thirds. Why should these countries follow the sterile, reckless policy of Brussels that was originally designed to serve a few Westeuropean countries such as divided West Germany, France, Italy and the Benelux countries as a disguise for the much larger project of the dark cabal to establish the NWO in Europe. From this perspective, the late membership of all East European countries in the EU after the fall of the Iron Curtain during the terrible economic crisis they experienced in the 90s had the merit of giving alms to poor neighbours who otherwise have nothing to say in this exclusive club but have to follow the orders of their rich mentors. Even East Germany had also to suffer a lot under this discriminatory attitude of the West and that is why the opposition against EU is greatest in this part of Germany. Now that the EU is bankrupt and there are no alms to receive anymore, but only sanctions, restrictions and ample intervention in the sovereignty of these countries, the centrifugal forces have become very strong. The Slavonic countries are beginning to recognize their own interests in strengthening their original cultural tradition that links them to Russia and all other Slavonic countries.

Having all this, and much more, in mind I have been envisioning a completely new political and economic order in Europe when the city of light New Raetia will manifest, the EU will fully collapse and the new Commonwealth of Slavonic Peoples will emerge as a bridge to Russia and Asia. This will eliminate with one fell-swoop the long-standing schism between Occident and Orient, to which the Slavonic countries in Europe became an easy prey because they build the boundary (limes) between the two still existing empires in their historical continuation – the former West Rome and East Rome. This schism began as an administrative separation in late Rome when the Eastern provinces became economically and politically more important than the Western ones, only to be deepened into a religious schism between Orthodox Christianity in the East and Catholic Church in the West later on. Since then this dichotomy of the Old Continent has survived all historical epochs under various disguises and has been the cause of all major wars in Europe, including WW1 and WW2. However, it is not my intention here to give you a lecture on history, but only to outline the underlying ideas that were shaping my vision of the new original world on the Old Continent when New Raetia will fully manifest and become the centre of the world.

Needless to say that I have been sharing my ideas with Carla as I am most creative in direct communication, an ability which is unfortunately very rudimentary or almost non-existent in New Age circles. Carla and I were engaged in our daily discussion yesterday triggered by Brigitte’s letter and the latest information in Der Spiegel that the Bundeswehr (German military) has just published a strategic study that acknowledges the collapse of the EU and the emergence of strong Easteuropean Slavonic countries under the influence of Russia, which is a nightmare of any German strategist since time immemorial. One only needs to look at the map to see that Germany is encircled by Slavonic countries, with different culture and world views and that there is even a small Slavonic minority in Eastern Germany that has not been assimilated from a much larger population in the past as the Slavonic names of many towns and places around Berlin suggest. These Slavonic countries have a greater population and are currently more dynamic than that of sclerotic Western Euroland.

However, all these arguments are based on 3D considerations which as we all know are utter illusion as the Elohim and Master Kuthumi reaffirm one more time in their message below. But it is remarkable that as soon as I start thinking in one particular direction without any apparent external reason, very soon, or sometimes much later because of the inertia of the old 3D holographic model, these ideas manifest in the minds of the masses and become consensual reality. This is how we create as Elohim in human gestalt. For instance, I have been intensively envisioning the collapse of the Iron Curtain and the separation of the world into two ideologically antagonistic camps during the Cold War since the early 70’s and it took almost two decades before this happened exactly as I envisioned it in 1989 against all the ridicule and dismay from all the other people who considered me an unrealistic dreamer, but then never bothered to question their false beliefs when the political reality I predicted arrived and continued with their rejection, this time, of my scientific and spiritual ideas (for more information on this topic read my latest book “Gnosis as a Personal Experience“).

The story repeats again and again. For 20 years, since I developed and published the new theory of the Universal Law in 1997, I am envisioning a new world where this theory is fully accepted and has transformed radically the current conflicting and illusory world views of the agnostic masses into a truthful, holistic, transcendental Weltanschauung that is the gateway to a new transgalactic human civilisation. Now we have reached the tipping point when this vision is becoming true and this is essentially the message of the Elohim and Master Kuthumi, who represents illumination, transcendental knowledge and clarity of mind. After all we create our reality now more than ever and the time-lag between an idea and its manifestation is getting shorter and shorter every day, until it reaches simultaneity and we move intrinsically and in an almost unnoticeable manner into the 5D and higher dimensions.

Essentially the message confirms that the new city of light New Raetia is gaining momentum and the power of the soul essence that is invested in it by lightworkers in Central Europe is overwhelming and has almost caused a kind of a tilt of the spiritual axis on the new original world in favour of the Old Continent. While there are only a few enlightened and powerful light warriors in North and South America who build the energetic structure of the other two major cities of light – New Lemuria here in Vancouver for the West Coast and over the Andes in South America  – as reported last year, the numerous old and ripe souls in Central Europe are in their starting blocks and can barely wait to begin with their true mission in the light city of New Raetia from where also the new theory of the Universal Law will spread.

In this sense, this message is an actual report on the state-of-the-art of our daily light work of cleansing and transforming this waning 3D holographic reality into the expanded, actually unlimited, new original 5D world that shimmers through the dissipating veil of forgetfulness. Anyway, we feel this new original world now very strongly and we already live in it. And so should you. And here is my email exchange with Brigitte which became the foundation for the message given to us by the Elohim and Master Kuthumi yesterday:

“Hi, Carla and George,

isn’t this interesting again: Some people in Switzerland / Lake Constance started creating a network of light centers !


They assume that the 3 countries D / A  / CH will be the spiritual center of the new Earth and connect all other related places around the globe. One of the founder-ladies named her own center / home “house of the violet flame” even …

Wishing you blessed times,



My answer is in German (see English translation below) so that Brigitte can use it in her communication with these German-speaking lightworkers who are now helping us establish the city of light New Raetia over the Alps. Most of them probably do not know that we are working on this project for more than two decades. Now is the time to connect the dots and establish the new light grid at the human level.

“Liebe Brigitte,

das ist eine hervorragende Idee und hier kommst du in Frage als Mittelmann oder besser als Mittelfrau. Bitte, knüpfe Kontakt zu diesen Leute und mache sie aufmerksam auf meine Artikel zur Lichtstadt Neuraetia, die ich seit 1999 bewusst aufbaue. Dies ist die Art und Weise, wie wir die Punkte des Lichtgitters verknüpfen (connect the dots). Hier sind noch mal die zwei Berichte zu den drei Weltlichtstädte.



Es gibt mehrere weitere Publikationen zum Thema und ich rate dir, die Log Funktion auf meiner Webseite zu benutzen, um die ganze Liste der Titel chronologisch zu erhalten und durchzusichten. 

Offensichtlich bist du das Bindeglied zwischen diesen losen Gruppen der Lichtarbeiter in Europa und hier in Nordamerika und es liegt an dir, diese neue Realität mit zu kreieren. Um dir zu illustrieren, wie mächtig wir mit unseren Gedanken sind, hier ein Beispiel. Seit mehreren Monaten bin ich fast zwanghaft von meiner Seele angetrieben, detaillierte Visionen über die neue Europäische Struktur zu entwickeln und ich hob aus dem Staub die Idee von der Commonwealth of the Slavonic peoples (die Weltgemeinschaft der Slawischen Voelker) in Osteuropa als Ersatz und Kontrapunkt  zur zerfallenden EU. Das alles basierend auf der kulturellen und politischen Tradition der Slaven, die ich recht gut kenne, da ich neben Bulgarisch und Russisch auch Serbo-kroatisch, Mazedonisch, und Polnisch lese und benutze. Die Idee des Panslavismus hat eine lange Tradition, die ich recht gut kenne, aber meine Ideen sind absolute neu und stehen im Zusammenhang mit der Manifestation der Lichtstadt Neuraetia in Zentraleuropa, dessen Gründer ich zweifelsohne bin. Es gibt eine zweite Lichtstadt in Bulgarien, die später zum Tragen kommen wird. Neuraetia wird die EU nach ihrem baldigen Zerfall ersetzen, und wird zur wahren Vereinigung aller europäischen Völker und Russland führen, denn es kann mit diesen Feindseligkeiten nicht mehr so weiter gehen. Wir können und sollen diese neue Architekten sein. Und wir sind es bereit. 

Wie schon desöfteren in der Vergangenheit – z.B. als ich den  friedlichen Fall des Eisernen Vorhangs und der Berliner Mauer seit den 70er Jahre gedanklich gestaltete – jedesmal, wenn ich von meiner Seele aufgefordert bin, über ein Thema nachzudenken und sie zu entwickeln (wie z.B die neue Astralwahrung, http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/2016/06/the-new-astral-currency-is-coming-international-edition/) dann kommt es, wenn die Zeit dafür reif ist. 

Der Spiegel hat soeben eine strategische Studie der Bundeswehr publiziert, die genau diese Entwicklung beschreibt, aber sie sehr naiv bis 2040 hinausstreckt. Das Umdenken hat begonnen:


Das geschieht jetzt und schneller als man denkt. Wie im Jahre 1989, als alle Experte und die Massenmedien den Zusammenbruch des Ostblocks bis zuletzt nicht glaubten und mich in meinen Visionen für verrückt erklärten, bis sie eines Besseren belehrt wurden. Siehe hier:


Bitte, benachrichtige mich, wenn du Kontakt zu diesen Lichtarbeitern geknüpft hast und wie ihre Reaktion ist. Wie sollten jetzt nicht kleckern, sondern klotzen, wie man auf gut Deutsch sagt.

Viele liebe Grüße


English Translation

Dear Brigitte,

that’s an excellent idea and here you come in question as a middle man or rather as a middle woman. Please, establish contact with these people and make them aware of my articles about the City of Light New Raetia, which I have been consciously building up since 1999. This is the way we connect the dots of the light grid. Here are the two reports on the three world centres of light:



There are several other publications on the subject and I advise you to use the log function on my website to get the whole list of titles chronologically and to review them.

Obviously you are the link between these loose groups of Lightworkers in Europe and here in North America and it is up to you to help co-create this new reality. To illustrate how powerful we are with our thoughts, here is an example. For several months, I have been compulsively driven by my soul to develop detailed visions of the new European structure, and I revived the idea of ​​the Commonwealth of the Slavonic peoples in Eastern Europe as a substitute and counterpoint to the decaying EU. All that is based on the cultural and political tradition of the Slavs, which I know quite well, as I read and use Serbo-Croatian, Macedonian, and Polish, in addition to Bulgarian and Russian. The idea of ​​panslavism has a long tradition, which I know quite well, but my ideas are absolutely new and are related to the manifestation of the light city of New Raetia in Central Europe, whose founder I undoubtedly am. There is a second city of light in Bulgaria, which will come to fruition later. New Raetia will replace the EU after its imminent disintegration and will lead to the true unification of all European peoples and Russia because they can no longer continue with these hostilities. We can and should be these new architects. And we are ready.

As it often happens in the past – e.g. when I was contemplating on the peaceful fall of the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall since 1970 – every time I am asked by my soul to think about and develop a theme (such as the new astral currency), then it is realized when the time is right.

Der Spiegel has just published a strategic study of the Bundeswehr (German military), which describes exactly this development, but it extends it naively until 2040. The rethinking has begun:


See also here: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-eu-germany-breakup/german-army-contemplates-eu-fissures-in-scenario-study-spiegel-idUSKBN1D5121

This happens now and faster than you think. Like in 1989, when all the experts and the mass media did not believe in the collapse of the Eastern bloc until the very end and declared me crazy in my visions until they were taught otherwise. Read here: 


Please, let me know when you have made contact with these Lightworkers and what their reaction is. We should think and act big now.

Many loving greetings


Hello everyone,

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been having visions of the Earth as a celestial body that appears “tipped” where the underside/left portion represents Europe and where the top side/right represents the half of the globe that has North and South America upon it.  I was shown this many times and finally, when the Elohim came in to give this message it was clear that the European continent has more soul essence/presence than the North and South American half of the planet.  Following the message about the Cities of Light I now understand the imbalance perhaps represents the lower soul essence in South America in the area of the Third City of Light which is in the making in this moment.  The impression I have is that the next two to three months will be an important creationary phase for all the cities of light, and especially for the South American City in Southern Ecuador/Northern Peru.

The Elohim stress that the “conscious light” is now truly the active principle and foundation of the new Original Earth, and Master Kuthumi, the Master of Light, continues to stress our role as light bearers to continue to move this light around the earth every chance we get.  I have been working with many different rays for years now and always only followed my inner guidance as to which ray I would invoke and where I would apply it during my “enlightening sessions”.  If you are also drawn to this activity I encourage you to re-visit the beautiful book by Aurelia Jones The Seven Sacred Flames.

We are in very interesting times and as light holders, we must be strong and follow our inner guidance continually.   I personally see changes all around me in terms of the materialization of new energetic structures and new behavioral signature changes, to name a couple.  Some of these changes are so clear they feel tangibly real to me and I know that soon I will be able to reach out and engage them.  This journey is sacred and so are each of you!

Here are two beautiful messages, one from the Elohim and the second from Master Kuthumi.  I have written everything in the order I received it:  The Elohim first with a reference to the arrival of an expanding awareness of “Conscious Light”, the message then from Master Kuthumi (I have only channeled him once before I believe) and then a further continuation of the discussion from the Elohim. The “Conscious Light” is the sentient light, the Green Quantum Light that we have recently been blessed with.

With much Love,


On The Cities of Light

The Elohim: 

“There is a great deepening movement now in the creation of the Cities of Light.  The main energy fueling the creation of all Cities of Light is the arrival of Divine Light that is fully conscious, at its heart. All light has at its core the ability or gift of awareness however with the newly expanded move into the Original Earth the landscape is fresh for sentient light.  This is an expansion of omniscient light, light based upon what you sometimes refer to as holding the God Particle.  All Cities of Light including both the Central European City of Light and the North American City of Light in Vancouver are being strengthened by the rising awareness of this  “Conscious Light”. “

Master Kuthumi makes himself known to me now and makes these statements:

“These are the elements [ the “Conscious Light” ] that support the New Earth – the Original Earth as you are calling it.  

These elements are conscious in that their purpose is God-oriented; God-materialized; God-pervaded and God-perfected. 

This Light is As is All Light, fully aware of its responsibility to support the Creation At All Cost. 

It cannot qualify nor choose the gift it offers. 

It cannot change its mind! 

It cannot be hindered in any way, as its very existence is ordained, divinely ordained, beyond any human inquiry. 

This Light is now the fundamental building block of the Original Earth.

It cannot be suppressed, it cannot be controlled.

It cannot be misqualified nor misused.

This moment truly represents the culmination of the work of the great Ascended Masters with whom you, in embodiment, share in the creation of the perfected Earth.

Together we shall prevail.”

The Elohim continue:

” While there are numerous Cities of Light the world over, the three major centres include Central Europe over the Alps, North America over Vancouver/Mount Baker USA and South America over the Andean Mountain Range each continue to expand as the reality before you rises in frequency.  Light holders who act as the anchors for the ascension pillars use their presence to energetically stabilize the light pillars that are uniquely and ultimately holding the Cities of Light in stabilized formation.

The Central European City of Light over the Alps forms beautifully as there is a dedicated group that now holds this action as its sustained desire. The North American Light City develops from a smaller group who are creating on a very conscious level, and even on a minute to minute basis.  At this time upon the South American continent, light holders are sparse and those who find themselves in the Andean Mountain Range require energetic assistance to support the anchoring of the ascension pillars of light, in preparation for the first South American City of Light.  Gather there together and witness the fundamental expansion of reality to embrace a new City of Light along the Peruvian-Ecuadorian Gateway. Follow inner guidance and embrace your own inclusion into the anchoring of Ascension Pillars into this beautiful area.

The Shift is upon you now.  Be concerned first and foremost with your own level of expanded awareness and inner frequency. Continue to expect the highest and best of all experiences in order to ride the wave into the higher dimensional expressions.  After you have achieved this to the utmost of your ability and in every moment, then are you able to support others whom you love to feel more joy in their current experience.  Allow earthly concerns to fall away, as all is an illusion.  Your “reality” is “illusion on every level, in every moment”. By holding the energy of fear one empowers reality to create difficult circumstances. Release all fear-based concern as this is your key to lifting into expanded consciousness and therefore into a more abundant reality. This allows then for the Creation to bring to you its own understanding of perfection.  For this, you must trust.”