The Return to Eden!

A Message From Astraea et Amora

Carla Thompson, May 28, 2018

We greet you today with deep love for your abiding expressions of care for Mother Gaia and all beings of form that are now upon her, and who together make a most beautiful living creation. 

In this moment, each and every realm which she has invited into her creation is experiencing a great change.  The change is arising quickly and beginning from a very deep level, from the quantum crystalline structure that is the foundation of every expression in form. This crystalline structure is a spiral of light arising from Gaia up through every form, into the Cosmos of Life; Gaia is providing every expression of form with the Living Light!  With Living Energy!  Thank you for all you are doing to protect her, to love her!

This deep change is arising from the magnetic light now flooding into the beautiful creation before you.  With the evolutionary activation accompanying the arrival of the Red Giant Magnetic Sun, a divine appointment comes to offer every expression of form a new ability to hold an expanded level of light quotient. This new light is held by all manner of form and does so in a way that is grand – an ever-expanding spiral of activation.  Moment to moment, this new light from the Red Sun rejoices and bursts forth frequencies that are not only beyond the spectrum seen by your physical eyes, the frequency of this light has new properties: This light is tonal and it is adaptive.

By this we mean that as it reaches the physical form, no matter from which Kingdom, whether animal, plant, tree, cetacean, crystal, including human, faery and atomic, activation upon the etheric crystalline energetic bodies of each and every form is immediately aligned with this beautiful spectrum of highly specialized light!

The tonal effect of this light means the incarnated expression of form attunes naturally to the harmonic frequencies held within the light, creating an instant opening to the adaptive quality that will follow. The tonal light activation means activation through the harmonic frequencies inherent in a magnetic-based reality: frequencies carried on the magnetic soliton wavelength structure.  It is the solitons that hold within the magnetized light harmonics as octaves of light-encoded consciousness. 

The adaptive quality of this light means this light supports each expression of form by integrating light coded information that heals incompatibilities between the form and the reality into which it has been invited.  This is true healing at a quantum level where it is resolved by altering the soliton’s own adaptation to the light itself.  The ultimate purpose of this ultimate adaptation is to finally reclaim All Kingdoms that had “fallen” within this Earth creation, where the misalignments quickly led to a creation not intended by Creator.  This is a time of full reclamation of All, back into the Whole of Creation!

The recent reclamation of the Dragon Kingdom (on May 17th in Savona) is an immediate example and this was experienced by a few of you personally;  The recovery of the Dragon Kingdom in a recent shift is a beautiful and poignant realization that many Kingdoms have been stretched thin and have not been able to flourish upon Mother Gaia for some time.  You personally felt and observed this shift in a most dramatic way, and yes, it was powerful and it is complete!  Now and Forever! 

The Dragon Realm is the first realm to be reclaimed upon this beautiful Mother Gaia. Since the time of their slaying and banishment, they have suffered much pain and profound dishonour, after all, this was their original home, and they were the original species!  Yes, It is now with great joy that we share there has been a complete reclamation of the Dragon Realm here upon your Gaia.  It is this healing that provides the energetic support for the opening and healing of all other Kingdoms, which continues in this very moment, and shall continue until All is fully restored to the perfection intended for this Earthly World before you!  

Therefore, know, in this moment, a full reclamation of inherent creationary power within All Matter in Gods Creation is being restored, where this new light adapts even to your thoughts, and then where your magnetic thoughts take you, you are able to create beautifully, expansively and with absolutely no restriction in any manner! And so, it is through this Light that there will be a full reclamation of this entire reality, with all of its forms and kingdoms of living expression to be returned to the place it was meant to be!  It is the return to Eden!