The Ascension as Self-Knowing

Carla Thompson, September 8, 2018

A Channeled Message from the Elohim

There has been a beautiful ongoing shift for all of us over the past several months and very special moments continue to grace us as we expand our consciousness into one that aligns with the highest frequency of creation.

For some of us, it has been a time of outstanding revelations and for many, it has been a wonderful expansion into a new level of understanding of one’s Self. Here is a message from the Elohim that I received the other day and it aligns beautifully with my own personal experiences during the profound energetic portals that have graced our reality over the past nine months.  This is a time of deep self-reflection for those who may feel called to expand their consciousness. The energies are coming this month, and beyond, that will support an expansion of your mind to allow a sincere reflection of your life experience.

“The divine shift for All continues to move along at a great pace into a full expansion of Self-Knowing – this is in many respects the true meaning of “ascension”.  A full understanding of your own uniqueness unfolds now and enlightens all of those on the path of discovering their own ‘Self’, directly, personally, intimately, and wholly. And as your understanding of your true self becomes clear you place yourself in a new position of power, wherefrom this power arises a new vision, a vision of clarity that you have not perhaps enjoyed for a very long time.

True clarity affords fresh energy that runs through the physical body.  It is a knowing that arises not just through the cells of the mental body but also through the cells of the physical body.  You may feel a strong ‘Yes!’ within your cells, and perhaps within your heart.  It is an alignment, a deep truth, felt within the body, not simply at the level of mind.

Ask yourself these questions now, for the answers are sacred and hold the key to your true freedom: 

“What am I interested in sharing as a light bearer for humanity?

What do I wish to focus on?  and  What am I focusing on?  and  Does it make sense?

Where do my interests lie? and  In what area are my strengths revealed?

What is presenting in my life that needs a deeper understanding, that is calling for clarity?

Does everything I do, and think, and say in my life, truly make sense to me?” 

Remember… think carefully and do what you want… and live life as your expanded Self!

This moment of reflection is precious and always precedes the right action.”

With love ~ Carla