The Great Unification – Watch the World Bloom!

Credit:  Abby

A Message from Astraea and Amora for All Lightbearers

Carla Thompson, December 30th, 2018

By the grace of God – You are a chosen one!  By the grace of God – You are deemed perfection in human form!

This alignment of deep cosmic forces creates a gateway to the field of Unity Consciousness that is in-flowing, a gateway to the source of infinite light, a light-frequency that moves aside all energy founded in separation, where thought has created judgment and emotional separation.  The gift of this alignment comes in the form of great beauty, love, and harmony for All in this expression of Creation. 

Primarily, this gateway brings with it infinite balance. What is required of you is primarily the balance of the feminine to the masculine expression.  We have not spoken of this directly before, but it is now time to do so, as there is an opportunity to embrace one’s movement into the unity field through a recalibration of one’s inner thought and emotion surrounding the concepts of feminine and masculine. 

This means that one should no longer qualify the friend, the neighbor, the teacher, whomever, as man or woman, as they are both!  For this here, now, is the moment of Unification. Separation in thought, emotion, existence, physical expression, is no longer supported!

Separation consciousness ends now with a new directive and this new directive is Inclusion through infinite and unconditional love.  Inclusion through adopting principles of harmonious balance of every dualistic expression.  On a personal level bring forth acceptance of the others’ path, the others’ role, the others’ journey, the others Being! There is no need to think about these ideas anymore!  Move now to support everyone in your life with whom you interact: Support them with your unconditional acceptance!  Support them with your unconditional love! Support them with unconditional kindness! 

As you each move to include those around you through love and unconditional acceptance you will bear the fruit of inspired humanity to live cooperatively once again, to create a clear vision of a new world in which you all wish to live, a new world that is full of compassion for each other and that spills over into societal structures that reflect, for All: the vision of health, harmony, abundance and freedom that each of you yearn for at your core. 

This is a moment of grand expansion of consciousness that is activated through the infinite grace of patience and acceptance for each and every light-bearer taking part in this ascension, as well as those who are not aware of the event, nor their role.  As you accept responsibility for these actions you will see the power of your choices reflected back to you in others who will admire your position and eventually adopt it, since courage is contagious. The energy of inclusion will take your world by storm.  Do it now and Watch The World Bloom!