Our Galactic Sun Aligns with the Great Central Sun and Plasma Reigns

Carla Thompson, April 26, 2019


Related imagePlasma is the essence of the Unity Field ~ Magnetic, Superconductive and Superconscious

We are at a very expansive time in the Ascension where the presence of photonic light has been replaced with a new kind of light – Plasma Light.  This unique and very delicate plasma light has been with us in minute quantities for a few years, but now new galactic alignments have recently caused a plasma burst to flood the Earth and each living being on the planet.

Over the years these messages have centred around a discussion of the supporting energetic qualities of an ascended reality including Magnetism, Superconductivity and Non-Polarity [Message 5, Message 6, Message 7].  An overview of the sequence of the messages clearly shows the beautiful unfolding of the ascension in very fine increments, step by step, reflecting how cosmic energies are naturally and gently melding into our reality, taking us higher and higher into ever-refining frequencies that hold unified awareness, also known as the field of Unity Consciousness. 

It has been an exciting revelation for me to learn about the new plasmic light and to hear about our alignment with other galactic bodies. Of course, the natural energetic condition of the Universe is magnetism. This alignment: Central Sun to our Magnetic Sun to our planet Earth, has created a superhighway of conductivity, through the activity of magnetism.  This superhighway is now fully available to the influx of plasmic light, the principles of which are superconsciousness, the instant access to higher awareness and the Infinite Consciousness where all energetic exchange is instantaneous and reciprocal. The Earth herself has even risen to the occasion as shared by the Elohim here: [Gaia’s Magnificent Magnetic Shift on October 29th, 2018]. This activity fully replaces polarity founded in electromagnetism, once and for all.

Surely, if one had any doubts, this event demonstrates the power of Creation to change underlying energetics of any reality to align with the intention of Source. This means the electromagnetic grids set up to disconnect us from our spiritual selves and our inherent right to know that our true heritage is spiritual and that we are a direct expression of creation itself, will now be successfully overridden in favour of our spiritual growth and will also result in supporting new technologies founded in magnetism.

It is also important to know that the plasma light has almost completely replaced photonic light.  Photonic light was predominant in this reality until now and carried properties of refraction and reflection. This light was only visible on a very narrow frequency bandwidth as an individuated light substance. The power of plasmic light is that it is not corruptible, it remains whole when it arrives on a magnetic superconductive wave, and it is superconscious. The wholeness of the Source is carried within, is not corruptible, and therefore fully penetrates every body of form to unite it with the Source of All-That-Is. This is perfection.

At the human level, this alignment has brought with it qualitative shifts in our personal experiences in terms of challenges that address one’s level of consciousness.  We are noticing how our reality has become extremely dynamic, where our relationships and life experiences have taken on a whole new level of meaning. It seems the plasma light is intensifying these experiences and therefore one must always hold firmly onto the principles of “highest good of all” with the kindness and compassion of the Master, so as not to fall into third-density separation and exclusion.

The symptoms of the Light Body Process (LBP) have also intensified in many light-bearers prior to and through the recent Full Moon Portal of April 19th. I am certain almost every light bearer has noticed either an increase in these symptoms and/or noticed a resurfacing of old inner emotional debris that must be cleansed in order to move to the next level of evolution.

This new plasma light is a brilliant tool that has the ability to bring absolutely everything to the fore, either to be healed and released OR to be re-experienced and re-analyzed, this time with the supporting principles of sincerity and honesty. This is simply another opportunity to accept our own responsibility for our part in a misunderstanding. Indeed, there is no escaping responsibility: It seems the plasmic light is here to heal everything, and everyone, once and for all, one way or the other!  What an opportunity to clear one’s slate and move into a higher frequency, in order to ascend this limited reality of existential challenge and suffering, tied up with other soul’s paths to which our entanglement does not serve us.  It is a time requiring careful dedication to a balanced reflection of one’s own life.

Finally, after the slate has been cleared with the help of the plasmic light bringing directly to us the unified field of consciousness and imparting the energy of higher levels of understanding for all challenges, our ascension into higher expressions is assured. The Elohim share their view on the golden plasma light that many of us noticed last December and they emphasize the importance of embracing the Golden Plasma, as Christ Consciousness, as it paves the way to unifying with our I AM Presence, the final step before ascension. The unification with our I AM Presence can be an arduous journey, but now we have the full energetic support of the Unity Field of Creation around us.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful message from the Elohim, Astraea and Amora, and that it  brings clarity to your journey.

With love, Carla

“This is a beautiful moment in the outer expansion as separations of lower frequency realities intensifies as waves of plasmic light now enter your world. The power of your Magnetic Sun is enhanced following alignment with the Central Sun, and an inflow of magnetic energy also floods the Earth to the core. The flooding of magnetic energy has opened the gateways for plasmic light to effectively neutralize all electromagnetic waves and the ElectroMagnetic (EM) fields that are so harmful to your beautiful planet and all inhabitants. The EM fields are known to be harmful to your healthy human Chakra system, which is solely and naturally, magnetic in nature.

Your planet is now flooded with beautiful activated waves of plasmic light energy. What is plasma light? Plasma light is best described as a substance that has been created from an electron shift at the quantum level of creation.

This is an exciting time because it means a full re-alignment to what the Source intended, and it replaces photonic light coming to you from the Photon Belt in which you have been immersed during this cycle and from which you are now emerging

Photonic light was refracted light, refracted into individuated rays of light frequency upon the narrow electromagnetic spectrum [see here]. The “Whole” of photonic light was always refracted into individual ray colours according to their frequency. 

Now, within the parameters of magnetism, plasma light is never refracted, nor reflected, when entering into your reality ~ it always remains whole. As such it is impossible to alter its properties of superconductivity and superconsciousness.  These are the properties that carry perfected information to you from the God-Source, and THIS is the fail-safe against the manipulating energies of the Fallen Reality –

It is “The Answer”.  

We will expand this discussion to include previously noted plasma light, seen as an influx of Golden Plasma light, [around Christmas time, note Carla] and the purpose of this event was to “prepare the space”, so to speak, for the special dispensation of the Infinite Wheel of Light and Life. The showering of this sparkling golden light, seen by many light-bearers, set the stage for humanity to align with what you know to be the “Christ Consciousness”. This golden light has come from the Central Sun through which all evolution is directed. The Central Sun can also be equated to the Energy of God, or Source, and it is sustained as pure conscious awareness and of which pure conscious creation has originated. 

Now as the Magnetic Sun has brought forth this sacred light, all forms are in place to receive the Golden Christ Consciousness, in preparation for every soul’s alignment to their I AM Presence.  Remember, even if we refer to it as golden “Christ Consciousness” energy, it is really a universal life force energy founded in the power of Divine Mind through the application of unconditional love, illumination and kindness. These energies hold equal loving presence for all expressions of life on your planet. Our intent is by no means to align this “Christ Consciousness” energy with any particular religion.

The important idea is that by choosing NOT to align to the principles of this beautiful creationary energy, one will have difficulty in moving forward into the light and power of pure creation through the aspect of the I AM Presence. Remember! The alignment with your own I AM Presence is ultimately the key to your own personal ascension in this lifetime, out of the birth~death~rebirth cycle.

With infinite love for All…

Astraea and Amora”