The Violet Flame of Transformation – Science and Alchemy

Amora, December 24, 2019

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Science:  A Message from The Elohim

“From the Realms of Light, the Source of the First Cause of Creation, we reveal the Violet Flame which holds infinite power of Transformation. It is Eternal, all-encompassing and it has arrived in its full power to flood all beings of Light and Life during this auspicious time of light expansion, the Great Solstice Portal, and beyond.

The Violet Flame is here to create great transformation upon the Earth plane and each of the realities within this plane of existence are experiencing profound and dramatic change. It is no doubt the biggest moment in your collective history where the Violet Fire has begun to transform All before it.

Transformation is a powerful word and not to be mistaken for Change alone ~ Transformation is change, yes, but it implies limitless creation, unending creation through the infinity field and by the application of alchemical principles founded in the magnetic properties of the electron. The electron is the founding particle in the Universe of all conscious Creation and it is certainly the founding particle in the powerful Violet Flame.”

Alchemy: A Message from Saint Germain

“What is the Violet Flame? It is perfection! It is dominion over perfection!  It is the alleviation of misqualified energy! It is the disruption of anything that does not serve the higher order of creation at the time! Ultimately, it is the Electron whose function it is to serve all of Life!

There has been a shift – whether You have felt it, noticed it or lived it ~ or not ~ it has taken place and it is profound. The Violet Ray is your best friend ~  it can cleanse, it can heal, it can create, it can support, all simply on command and simply with your heart! The Violet Ray is, without doubt, the most powerful Activation Ray of these times.

I encourage its full use every day! And not that I am saying this for the first time but because it is now vital to your own inner transformation. It is vital to clear away the ancient cobwebs of the old earth, the confusion of the trappings of the old humanity ~ the destiny is at hand, and there is only perfection in its use! Godspeed!”


The Electron is fundamentally “light essence” that comes from the etheric fields of Creation, what is referred to as the Primal Fields of First Cause. This “light essence” is primed with the consciousness of the Creation, Source, God ~ or however one may call it, and can, therefore, be termed “conscious living light”. This “conscious living light” is intelligent in that it responds to our thoughts and our feelings, where both affect the rate of spin within the atom around which the electron is found. The atoms collect together to “create” our manifestations, either in thoughts alone or in physical form upon the physical plane.

The Violet Flame carries enhanced abilities to transform because of its highest frequency (688–789 THz frequency) and shortest wavelength (380–450 nm) with respect to the colours of the visible light and has thus the highest energy of all colours/flames. However, the violet flame we are talking here is beyond the electromagnetic spectrum and of unimaginably high frequency as it comes directly from the Source. As all flames from the Source, it contains lower octaves such as the violet colour of the visible light.

The violet flame affords a penetrating super-magnetism that automatically unleashes unlimited potential to create upon any canvas of one’s choosing, a world of perfection, one founded in this strong magnetic force/energy, the energy we also describe as that of Divine Love.  The “conscious living light” within the Violet Flame only wants to serve the Creation, and to serve it to the highest perfection, that of Divine Love. This is the origin of the statement “All There Is is Love”.

Only Love,