Lightbody Harmonization for Lightworkers and Starseeds

Into The Light !

These special times are inviting us to a place of great introspection, bringing opportunities to understand ourselves and clear the pain body that is causing energetic blockages, and a heavy Light Body Process.  Harmonization of the Light Body through clearing and balancing the 12 Chakra System brings healing of issues that may have been dormant for years.  This process clears the way for the integration of new frequencies containing light data, supporting us in activating our sovereign selves – the new imperative.  I invite you to consider joining me for a private session that will help you to clear your inner work, align your 12 Chakra System bringing you physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, to activate a clear, protective Light Body, and most importantly of all I will teach you how to keep it clear and balanced by yourself – necessary steps to be in wholeness and in full service to humanity at this time!

With All My Love,  Amora

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