The Energetic Background to Our Call To Consciousness

Amora, July 15, 2019

Today I am being guided, more like urged, to share the energetic background to my last publication, A Call To Consciousness, so here I am publishing the notes I made in my journal on the 10th of July.  There may be some who don’t understand the urgency of a Unified Field of Creation from the 7th Dimension as being an important issue. Therefore, I am heeding my Soul and publishing my Notes, the statements of which were presented to me as formulas or mathematical equations. This is the best way I can describe them.

With love,


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A Call To Consciousness!

To All Lightbearers and Lightwarriors of The Ascension

Amora, July 11, 2019

Over recent weeks I have experienced a substantial shift in my awareness that has offered me a new perspective on this Ascension Cycle. The different dimensional frequencies have refined and I am able to hold a consistently high level of awareness that has afforded me a new vision of what is taking place within the Third and Fourth Dimensional Frequency Bands.

What I have been shown through my personal connections to the Higher Realms is a third dimensional frequency entwined with a fourth dimensional frequency. I see and feel the fourth dimensional frequency positioning itself energetically to hold on as tightly as possible to the Third Dimensional frequency because this is where it gets its energy from.

After an intense personal encounter with the 4th dimensional frequency over the past 48 hours, I am acutely aware now of the importance of releasing our reality from the 4D world of darkness that has wrapped itself all around us hoping to use our energy as fuel to continue on in eternity. Continue reading “A Call To Consciousness!”

Readings With Amora


NOW is a time of NEW EXPANSION INTO THE LIGHT!  and I, AMORA am excited to share the knowledge I am now receiving through my I AM Presence.  I have received and embraced guidance to provide Ascended Numerology Readings to all who desire to learn more about the TRUE origin of their Souls and who wish to learn about their sacred mission in this lifetime, during this age of enlightenment.

The Ascended Numerology Reading is an Ancient system from the days of the Antiquity and is based on the Birth Document.  Many sacred messages will be revealed to me through my connection with the quantum field, both from your Guides and Ascended Masters accompanying you in this lifetime, as well as through any messengers of the Light who will make themselves known.  By learning sacred information about your own Self, your Soul, you will feel guided and empowered to move into your vision of sacred service, or perhaps create a new vision for yourself.

Let us discover together the origin of your Soul and the mission you came here to share with others at this time of the Awakening!

Visit my website on Ascended Numerology at  to commence your journey to capture your divine inner essence ~

With Love


Wheels of Light and Life: The KEY to Access the Unity Consciousness Field

Carla Thompson, April 29, 2019 

The last message from Astraea and Amora spoke about the new energetic conditions arising from the presence of new Plasma Light.  Plasma Light also affects the Wheels of Light and Life that have graced us since February 16th of this year. Of course with Plasma Light present here now as living conscious light, we are told this now creates the KEY to our healed world, through the activation of the Five Crystalline Rays of Creation.

Plasma Light is conscious light and as such can access instantly ALL knowing within the Higher Realms/ Source/ God.  What I personally know, it is accessed through a base wave of Pure Love. The Pure Love is carried on the plasma light wave and this mixture creates the magical condition to instantly access all aspects of the Unity Field of Consciousness. This was not available to us in this way before now.

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Our Galactic Sun Aligns with the Great Central Sun and Plasma Reigns

Carla Thompson, April 26, 2019

Related imagePlasma is the essence of the Unity Field ~ Magnetic, Superconductive and Superconscious

We are at a very expansive time in the Ascension where the presence of photonic light has been replaced with a new kind of light – Plasma Light.  This unique and very delicate plasma light has been with us in minute quantities for a few years, but now new galactic alignments have recently caused a plasma burst to flood the Earth and each living being on the planet.

Over the years these messages have centred around a discussion of the supporting energetic qualities of an ascended reality including Magnetism, Superconductivity and Non-Polarity [Message 5, Message 6, Message 7].  An overview of the sequence of the messages clearly shows the beautiful unfolding of the ascension in very fine increments, step by step, reflecting how cosmic energies are naturally and gently melding into our reality, taking us higher and higher into ever-refining frequencies that hold unified awareness, also known as the field of Unity Consciousness.  Continue reading “Our Galactic Sun Aligns with the Great Central Sun and Plasma Reigns”

Message From The Crystalline Beings of Light: The Five Flames of Ascended Creation – The Wheel of Light and Life!

Carla Thompson, February 19, 2019

Dear Friends,

Here is a profound and very beautiful message that has come to me over the past two days.  It’s import grew while receiving it and now I am so honoured to share it with all of you.

As I am in meditation, I receive a message that Georgi and Daniela should go to a nearby beachside area.  I am briefly shown a large door with several lightly coloured pathways leading away from the central door.  The vision arises quickly and then vanishes. I receive a clear message as to where they must go and that there will be further clarity once they get there. I wait to hear from them as to what has been their experience, but in the meantime I notice my body feels very tired and I have a lot of extreme pain.

When they arrived at this beachside area they experience an energy wave of such intense vibration that they have difficulty walking, with dizziness, and Georgi notices he is shaking. He has noticed this reaction before at the Infinity Portal in White Rock, near to Vancouver. They need to stop and rest to feel into the energies before they return back home (see full report).

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The Great Unification – Watch the World Bloom!

Credit:  Abby

A Message from Astraea and Amora for All Lightbearers

Carla Thompson, December 30th, 2018

By the grace of God – You are a chosen one!  By the grace of God – You are deemed perfection in human form!

This alignment of deep cosmic forces creates a gateway to the field of Unity Consciousness that is in-flowing, a gateway to the source of infinite light, a light-frequency that moves aside all energy founded in separation, where thought has created judgement and emotional separation.  The gift of this alignment comes in the form of great beauty, love, and harmony for All in this expression of Creation. 

Primarily, this gateway brings with it infinite balance. What is required of you is primarily the balance of the feminine to the masculine expression.  We have not spoken of this directly before, but it is now time to do so, as there is an opportunity to embrace one’s movement into the unity field through a recalibration of ones inner thought and emotion surrounding the concepts of feminine and masculine. 

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Un Nuovo Paradigma Spirituale: Un Invito ad Abbracciare la nostra Vera Umanità

Carla Thompson, 24 Novembre 2018

Image result for Eden Humanity - Photos

Angelo del Giardino dell’Eden  Creatione di J. Westerman

Traduzione in italiano di Daniela Lupo, 28 Novembre 2018

Il Ritorno al Paradiso della nostra Essenza

Abbiamo spesso ascoltato gli Elohim nel corso degli anni esprimere il loro massimo amore per noi mentre attraversiamo non solo la nostra incarnazione personale di vita, ma anche mentre elaboriamo le profonde complessità della vita all’interno di questa matrice. Tuttavia, percepisco un chiaro amore che si fa sempre più intenso e un profondo rispetto per noi come umani, perché il nostro percorso non è facile. Sono qui per condividere con voi questo bellissimo messaggio, un messaggio pieno di amore, luce e gioia. Esso porta con sé un importante promemoria del fatto che siamo potenti creatori e il nostro ruolo nell’ascensione dell’umanità, di Gaia e della Madre Terra è davvero sacro.

L’amore che gli Elohim hanno per noi cresce in ogni momento e posso dirlo con tutto il cuore. Non sono davvero in grado di descrivere questo amore perché arriva a me come un sentimento nel mio cuore e nel mio corpo e come una conoscenza nella mia anima. Posso solo trasmetterlo attraverso le parole, che scelgo di usare su questa pagina, parole che possono aprirvi abbastanza da sentire dentro e capire la verità che trasmettono.

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