The Integration of The Divine Mind – August 6, 2017

Second Meeting with the Great Crystalline Beings From the Source

Carla Thompson, October 13, 2017


Georgi Stankov

This is the transcript of the second meeting with the great blue crystalline beings together with our friend Julia on August 6th, 2017 which was even more powerful than the previous one. These beings come from the Source and are with us since last summer when we opened the Source portal for the crystalline blue light of transmutation of Gaia together with Julia at Crescent Beach, White Rock, which is within the confines of the Infinity Portal of which we three are the architects and the gatekeepers. The second Infinity Portal on this planet is over Freising/Munich, Germany and was built by myself for many years. Both places, Vancouver and Munich are harbouring the 5D cities of light, New Lemuria respectively New Raetia, which we created since a long time. A third city of light is planned to be built in the Andes, most probably in Peru, after the final ID shift of Gaia.

These cities of light will be global focal points for the evolution and ascension of humanity to a transgalactic, multidimensional civilisation. It is from these cities of light that we shall exert our mission as ascended masters and Logos Gods.

We started sending the codes of healing and divine mind the next day after Carla opened her personal divine mind portal. She is receiving the codes from the Source and I am sending them to humanity through my heart chakra. We have just awoken with a headache today, so that the Lion’s Gate on August 8th will be another monster wave where these codes can be transmitted to humanity. This is the most important thing now after the Big Gathering of the 144,000 Souls has taken place on August 3rd, 2017. 

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The Gathering of the 144,000 Warrior Souls For the Great Oversoul Gateway on August 3rd, 2017

An Encounter With the Great Crystalline Beings of Light and Babaji

Carla Thompson, October 13, 2017

It is August the 3rd and a beautiful warm day, and even though the sky is grey with smoke from the Cache Creek fire, Georgi and I are looking forward to meeting up with Julia as we have been guided to do so.  Something is in the air!
As we are driving to White Rock in the Vancouver region, I perceive thousands of beings/ energies coming into the ethereal realm above us, gathering together for our meeting, and this is highly unusual – it has never happened before like this in this magnitude.  There is a palpable excitement in their energy. As we get comfortable in our seats at a small outdoor restaurant we feel the presence of the great Crystalline Beings of Light who emanate great love, great peace and beautiful blue light.   

They call this visit “The Gathering” and explain that many light-bearers are feeling a great degree of disorientation, at the soul level, asking “Where Am I?”  “What is happening to me?” and so on.  They explain that these are the feelings arising from the 144,000 warrior souls who sense the oversouls above who have come at this time to collect their soul fragments – Us!   

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