Allowing the Release From the Old Matrix ~ Embracing the New Biome

Dreams and Messages From the Arcturians and Elohim

June 27, 2020

The Arcturians brought images to me this morning (June 26th) as I was awakening in bed and in that theta-wave state. I was aware the visions were directed by them as this is how they connect with me, through the visual fields. My “lucid dream” held impressions about two important issues that I feel must be brought forward.

In the first scene, I found myself on the main floor of my home where I was able to fly while holding my body in a vertical position in the air, three feet above the floor. I was alone and there was very little furniture so it was easy in that there were no obstacles present. This dream seemed to last a long time and as time went by I had the feeling that I got more and more proficient at “flying”.

A second scene unfolded immediately where I am in a car with a lot of other people. A man appears at the side of the car and asks for medical supplies for an intravenous. I have the medical supplies needed for an Intravenous, including an IV solution, and I pull it from my jacket pocket that is hanging on the garment hook by my shoulder, and I pass it out of the window. The man turns to a woman in a wheelchair and begins to prepare the intravenous for her.

Then I step outside of the car and my vision is drawn upwards to the top of the road that is somewhat steep and I see the road consists of rubble, medium-sized man-made bricks that are on the road as well as piled alongside the road all the way to the top of the hill. The road we have come down is about 100 metres long, covered in these broken brick pieces.  What strikes me is that only the road is crumbling, the car is intact, and the trees and shrubs are all so green and alive with life. Light is shining from every leaf! I gaze in wonder and amazement and the seeming “rejoicing” of Nature amongst the failing man-made structure of the road. 

I am made aware that I am being shown the next phase in the unfolding events here on Earth.

When the dream is over I get up and am drawn to take a message from the Arcturians who are present. Here is their message:

“Your vision of an Earth with crumbling man-made structures around you holds many clues to the reality of events. What is currently happening is humanity is releasing attachments to what has been. While the attachments are lifting, the world and the reality that it represents is in a state you consider as “crumbling” so that all man-made structures, infrastructures, constructs, and conscience – are being shown to you as ALL crumbling.  As you move through this phase of de-construction and disconnection, you will see the social structures that have been a part of your world also crumble and no longer function to serve you.

As you are releasing your attachments, your own inherent abilities as ascended beings shall come forth. This means what you understand to be “bilocation” or movement without concern for gravity or the pull of earthly physical forces is one of these abilities.

There are also magnetic changes to the Earth’s physical plane and these changes also support the expansion of these innate skills in every one of you. We support your decision to fully release any adherence to the world’s societal structures and your decision to accept yourselves as sacred beings of Creation.

We are always by your side. “

While receiving this message from the Arcturians, the Elohim moved very close and have this to add in support of the above message:

“We are the Elohim and we share here: An illumination is occurring now and with an illumination, there is a new understanding of what you once thought served you / humanity, and you see it as no longer seeming to be right. You are beginning to realize the attachments to the world and its current social structures are in many respects no longer supportive of the sanctity of life. As the attachments are released, the reality shall crumble, and new ways, new expressions that are founded in the truth of what has been intended for humanity and your world by the Source~Creator, shall also now return to your world.

There exists now, in your world, all-natural health and wellness systems for your absolute well-being, as was intended by the Creator. Indeed, you have all you need from Nature and it abounds. You have dedicated specialists the world over who are very skilled in applying natural science – scientific truths – in full support of the human physical and emotional body. There is no need for any man-made solutions to ill-health but there is a clear need for holistic medicine with the role of prevention of imbalance / ill-health.

All life was created equally as each is a sacred expression of the Creation. All Kingdoms as plant, animal, and all others do exist in harmony with your Earth and humanity. You are all equal and you are a unified whole WITH the planet as Mother Earth and all her Kingdoms. You, together, through your fields of inter-connected energetic standing waves – as expressed by and shared with every single living being on the Earth to create with the Whole.

You are ONE Being – One Biome.

Remember! You are at a time, now, where you must honour the Whole. And remember, the world is a safe place! Everything was created in perfection and was intended to be a beautiful self-sustaining world where nothing needs to be added, nothing of Nature needs to be taken away, nothing needs to be manipulated for the benefit of humanity because everything in its natural state supports the Life of the Whole.

Remember, beyond these words, you are Creators, and You now have the sacred opportunity to create the world you desire. Allow the structures to fall away.  Embrace that gift!  Imagine and BE in a space of loving kindness, sharing with all others from a place of sincerity, living your life in authenticity without shame or fear, following the truth of your Soul. It is time now to express your divinity and create the world of your dreams! 

We are the Elohim ~ we so love you all!”