The Breath of Light

Sunrise  Credit: Jordan Wozniak

July 19, 2020


Today is Sunday ~ it is a good time to honour the Sun.

Our Sun is the life-nurturing light~energy that powers the natural world as well as us by radiating light frequencies onto us, gifting us with what is needed to support perfect health and inner well-being.

The primary access to this sacred fuel is through the breath. By consciously placing ourselves in a receptive state of being and then allowing our breath to accept the gifts held within the light of the Sun, we nourish, rejuvenate, heal, strengthen and expand our body, heart, mind and soul.

As we sit in quiet contemplation we can feel its powerful yet gentle presence. We imagine or sense the lumens moving from our lungs into our cells and know that the healing power of the light renders our telomeres to be lengthened and our mitochondria, the power engines of the cells, to glow with brilliant golden light.

We sense the presence of this golden light as peaceful, calming and wise.  It is sensed as a clarifying light~energy as it eliminates confusion from the mind by bringing forth the natural ability to clear circular thoughts. We move from the seeking mode of thought into a receiving mode. As the mind stands still, we are able to move into an open space of awareness, one that expands our consciousness while seeing the higher perspective.  Remain very still in this space…. and breathe.