Sacred Work for A Sacred Time

A Special Announcement!


Into The Light Now!

Justitia ~ Latin: Let Justice Be Done

Stained Glass Window of Saint Michael, the Archangel, from Saint Cross Hospital Church, Wincestor, UK

By Amora, October 18, 2021

As We focus on the purity of our own hearts in this moment, We can recognize an expansion into the perfected realms of higher beingness. It is being made clear that every single decision we make brings us either closer to Our Divinity and the Higher Expression of Our I AM Presence, or drops us closer to the lower frequencies of the Collective Consciousness where fear reigns in these times.

This moment in time is of such importance in the history of this Realm that Our Beloved Archangel Michael has asked me to facilitate special individualized healings that He will personally conduct, with the sole purpose of disconnection from all Duality and Separation Consciousness.

If You feel guided to join Archangel Michael and myself, Amora, for this beautiful healing gift that will release You from separation consciousness and lift You into Higher expanded expressions of soul-supporting worlds and ascended realities, please send an email of interest to me at:

​The suggested Donation is 88 USD and received with profound gratitude.  Please state your Time Zone and I will send donation instructions and book Your own one-on-one session. Thank You Each and Everyone of You for your gifts of service at this moment in Time!

With infinite Love for All