Lightbody Harmonization for Lightworkers and Starseeds

Into The Light !

These special times are inviting us to a place of great introspection, bringing opportunities to understand ourselves and clear the pain body that is causing energetic blockages, and a heavy Light Body Process.  Harmonization of the Light Body through clearing and balancing the 12 Chakra System brings healing of issues that may have been dormant for years.  This process clears the way for the integration of new frequencies containing light data, supporting us in activating our sovereign selves – the new imperative.  I invite you to consider joining me for a private session that will help you to clear your inner work, align your 12 Chakra System bringing you physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and finally, to activate a clear, protective Light Body – all necessary steps to be in wholeness and in full service to humanity and the New Earth!

With All My Love,  Amora

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Sacred Work for A Sacred Time

A Special Announcement!


Into The Light Now!

Justitia ~ Latin: Let Justice Be Done

Stained Glass Window of Saint Michael, the Archangel, from Saint Cross Hospital Church, Wincestor, UK

By Amora, October 18, 2021

As We focus on the purity of our own hearts in this moment, We can recognize an expansion into the perfected realms of higher beingness. It is being made clear that every single decision we make brings us either closer to Our Divinity and the Higher Expression of Our I AM Presence, or drops us closer to the lower frequencies of the Collective Consciousness where fear reigns in these times.

This moment in time is of such importance in the history of this Realm that Our Beloved Archangel Michael has asked me to facilitate special individualized healings that He will personally conduct, with the sole purpose of disconnection from all Duality and Separation Consciousness.

If You feel guided to join Archangel Michael and myself, Amora, for this beautiful healing gift that will release You from separation consciousness and lift You into Higher expanded expressions of soul-supporting worlds and ascended realities, please send an email of interest to me at:

​The suggested Donation is 88 USD and received with profound gratitude.  Please state your Time Zone and I will send donation instructions and book Your own one-on-one session. Thank You Each and Everyone of You for your gifts of service at this moment in Time!

With infinite Love for All




Magnetic Earth – Our New Home

by Amora, August 30, 2020

There is a profound shift taking place, a shift founded in the release of the electromagnetic grids which were the cornerstone of the old third-dimensional matrix.  In its place, we are anchoring in a new Photonic Light Grid founded in the magnetics of an expanded reality, magnetics that represent many expressions of what we sense to be fifth, seventh and ninth dimensional, but also expressions that don’t currently fit into our understanding, nor through words.  Some of us are aware of the presence of these expressions and describe them as “realities”.  Whatever our own sense of truth is in this moment, it is important to know that there is more to this world than meets the eye!

The Galactic Federation would like us to concentrate now on the important physical shift presently taking place on our planet.  They ask us to revisit the following messages that I personally channeled at various times so I have included them here as a collection for easy review.  Enjoy them, you are different now from when you read them last!

Messages from Astraea and Amora –

Creation through Magnetism



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The Breath of Light

Sunrise  Credit: Jordan Wozniak

July 19, 2020


Today is Sunday ~ it is a good time to honour the Sun.

Our Sun is the life-nurturing light~energy that powers the natural world as well as us by radiating light frequencies onto us, gifting us with what is needed to support perfect health and inner well-being.

The primary access to this sacred fuel is through the breath. By consciously placing ourselves in a receptive state of being and then allowing our breath to accept the gifts held within the light of the Sun, we nourish, rejuvenate, heal, strengthen and expand our body, heart, mind and soul.

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Allowing the Release From the Old Matrix ~ Embracing the New Biome

Dreams and Messages From the Arcturians and Elohim

June 27, 2020

The Arcturians brought images to me this morning (June 26th) as I was awakening in bed and in that theta-wave state. I was aware the visions were directed by them as this is how they connect with me, through the visual fields. My “lucid dream” held impressions about two important issues that I feel must be brought forward.

In the first scene, I found myself on the main floor of my home where I was able to fly while holding my body in a vertical position in the air, three feet above the floor. I was alone and there was very little furniture so it was easy in that there were no obstacles present. This dream seemed to last a long time and as time went by I had the feeling that I got more and more proficient at “flying”.

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Saint Germain On Alchemy

June 21, 2020

Today’s communion with Ascended Master Saint Germain led to a discussion about the forces who have controlled humanity for so long through their imposed shackles on the collective spirit of humanity while removing in many cases our birthright to “intelligent and creative power”, and how they are finally succumbing to the power of the light that is now over-lighting our entire reality and the life experiences, first personally as well as those as a collective.

We are a Collective of Light, meaning whether we know it or not, we are anchoring the profound light and frequencies that are flooding our world today, and have for a very long time during this sacred ascension gateway.

Saint Germain is feeling very joyful by our dedication to embrace the power of Light in our lives for the betterment of the human condition:

“You are true Alchemists, each and every one of you, who know that those who seek to burden the human race through one manner of bondage or another, will not succeed! Yes, this is a time in humanity’s history where those who have ruled and been the veritable scourge of the earth are, finally, losing power, or at least control over the reality before them, because it is as though the world is slipping away, through their hands – between the fingers that have clutched onto the human spirit for so long, and leaving them instead scratching their heads; for no change is visible to them, practically;  Their weakness comes from the powerlessness of opinion, and not from science nor philosophy, both of which shall bring salvation to your worldly existence”

I wish you all a lovely day of more creative alchemy!

With Love


The Soul As An Infinity Mirror

May 7, 2020

You are a being of Light ~ You are here to discover your own inner light ~ the light of your soul. As you attune to life around you, you will awaken slowly, slowly.  At some point you will feel you have awakened, but alas, there is more awakening awaiting you!  Be devoted to your soul ~ feel deeply into what makes you feel alive in every moment.  Imagine an infinity mirror revealing one aspect of yourself, then another, and so on. The infinity mirror is just that. It reminds us that self-discovery is a never-ending journey into the Infinite that we carry within us!  Keep going! 

I wish you a beautiful Inner Day! 

With Love,