Welcome to the website of Astraea and Amora, the Elohim of the Creation! 

We welcome all who come to this site, to open your hearts and minds, to feel and know our sincere love and caring for you, as we invite you to consider opening to new ideas and new ways of expression, that ultimately foster a better understanding of the world and your role in the current expansion. It is our fervent desire to bring to you our understanding of what shapes your experience as a physical embodiment of the Creation.

KNOW these principles:

~ Now is a time of grand change; This moment in time reflects a grand expansion in wholeness;

~ Acceptance of wholeness within One’s Self is acceptance of wholeness within One’s reality;

~ Wholeness arises from the realization that One is “At One” with “All”, that there is no Separation;

~ There is only Connection; Connection of All to the Whole;

~ All things are representations of the Creation and All things existing together, as One, create the Shared Wholeness of Creation!

~ As expressions of shared wholeness remember that you are never alone, that you always act together in unison with other individuated expressions of the whole of Creation!

~ The word “Ascension” is commonly used but we prefer to use “Evolution”!

~ You are all contributing to this moment in Evolution, in myriad ways from a foundation of Purity and Divine Love which hold this expansion into the Creation!

~ Evolution is NOW!

** The Channeled messages are received in a specific order and are presented in this order, as early concepts form the foundation for up-coming messages and discussions.  Therefore the messages are numbered in the order that they are received; The “Into the Light” section contains discussions based on the channeled messages and are also numbered.

This music has been reported to be the Soul signature of Astraea, Elohim of the 4th ray of Ascension and is captured in the famous Edvard Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A minor, Op 16, played below by the brilliant pianist Arthur B. Rubinstein