The Energetic Background to Our Call To Consciousness

Amora, July 15, 2019

Today I am being guided, more like urged, to share the energetic background to my last publication, A Call To Consciousness, so here I am publishing the notes I made in my journal on the 10th of July.  There may be some who don’t understand the urgency of a Unified Field of Creation from the 7th Dimension as being an important issue. Therefore, I am heeding my Soul and publishing my Notes, the statements of which were presented to me as formulas or mathematical equations. This is the best way I can describe them.

With love,



Chaos all around; Chaos with noise; Extreme Noise – the Noise of Thoughts, the Noise of Emotions.

I am shown this is the “4th Dimension” or the “4th Frequency of Reality”.

It is chaotic, it is destructive, it has affected us all in the “3rd Frequency of Reality”.

Compounded Thought Energies of Form – Equations:

Thoughts are energy = Thought Energy Creates Form;

Thought energy is compounded to create form.

In order to break up the Thought Energy, Emotion energy and dismantle the connection between the 3rd and 4th-dimensional frequencies, we must apply a unified physics;

Unified physics of creation brings forward a unique and powerful application of thought plus emotion plus light of creation;

With the application of Thought + Emotion + Light of Creation, we are then able to command the healing of the entities lost and separated within this Astral Realm of existence that is binding humanity to lower frequencies and affecting Ascension as we know it.

“Thought” meaning “Mind of God”, meaning “Divine Mind”, meaning “God Perfection = God’s Will Be Done = the Purity of Creation” as experienced through the filter of Cosmic Love and within a place of applying Divine/Sacred Wisdom to all things.

The Heart that beats in the Universe; The three-fold Flame of Creation that IS the Sacred Heart in everyone’s Body of Form;

I am shown the Sacred Heart of Creation has stopped beating in the 4th-dimensional Frequency; These beings are cut off from their connection to the Source of Creation; they are cut off from the Creator, the God-Source.

As Third Dimensional Frequency residents, the majority of humanity will need to pass through the fourth-dimensional frequency; as the 4th-dimensional frequency is “melding” to the Third-dimensional timeline frequencies, and bringing overall frequency patterns down, it is imperative to rise up into a higher frequency in order to effect a change as “Change cannot be effected from the same level of consciousness as it was created”. Therefore, those who are called to apply their higher level of consciousness, their inborn higher level of consciousness that they brought with themselves in order to bring this reality through the ascension cycle successfully, must now use this gift by Uniting Together from the 7th Dimensional Frequency.

I was told in the dream state early this morning that it is advantageous to combine efforts and attune together into the 7th Dimensional Frequency in order to effect a quantum shift in consciousness, where we can more easily effect change FROM ABOVE.