Magnetism: The Nature of Your Reality – Message 7


Within the higher expressions of reality, All-That-Is moves light-energy along pathways of superconductive grids resembling geometrical latticework.  However, within the lower frequency and slower vibrating realities such as your third dimension, the role of magnetism is front and centre.  You live in a magnetic reality!

The reality which you perceive visibly to be around you and within which you physically reside is a magnetic reality.  In our last message  we explain how magnetism works within this expression of reality.  This is the foundation of how form in matter begins, how it is expressed, and how it moves onward in its evolution.  Every single action that takes place in your reality is based on magnetism, energy exchange/ interchange within a magnetic field.

We will even go so far as to say that all magnetic fields within your reality are actually forms of bio-magnetic fields.  What is the bio-magnetic field?  It is a compilation of energetic molecular reactions within every third dimensional organic expression, meaning from every kingdom including the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms, where every single expression has its own built-in magnetic field and whereby these bio-fields interface with all other bio-magnetic fields around them.  All elements within your dimension contain magnetic structures within their makeup, similar to the already discovered magnetosome  These magnetic particles are what creates the great inter-connection here of the human body/mind/spirit system to all other expressions, whether they are animal/human, vegetable or mineral.

You as a human, have the most finely tuned and ever-expanding bio-magnetic field that continually interfaces with your reality. Not only do you interface with other humans on this basis, you are constantly connecting to every organic object within your environment.  How is this connection made?



There is a constant flow of energy through the subtle energy fields that make up your body/mind/spirit system.  These subtle energy fields or Auras can been seen with the help of Kirlian Photography  These magnetic fields create the inseparable link to your reality and to the experience of your physical incarnation.  In the human body there is a free-streaming of energetic particles within its magnetic field as it interfaces with every other magnetic field. As you study the above diagram you will see that the ends of the poles are “open” and it is through these open ends that connections are supported.  It is this free-streaming of energy that connects the body/mind/spirit of one individual with another.  There are measurable connections between the bodies of two people once they have physically touched; there are telepathic connections as a result of mental body connections between two or more people; and each one of you is able to experience the highly refined emotional/spiritual connection to your own Soul, depending upon your own belief system and your openness to learning about a new way of understanding the world.

How does the human interpret his spiritual connection to this world?  As an adult, you have likely learned to feel fear of this connection to your natural world and to your Soul, whether you realize this fact or not.  You may simply reject this discussion based on prejudice of any insight that may be offered to you with regard to your Soul.  This interpretation is a learned event because there is no interpretation in the child.  The child knows that he is a part of his world, that indeed, he is a part of the very nature that surrounds him.  Young children are open to the power of the natural world and this openness allows the body/mind/spirit system to immediately enter into sacred flow with the creation of All-That-Is.  This is the natural connection where, as children, you feel the rhythms of joy, an easiness, a playfulness, and a freedom in the knowing that you are OF the universe and not just IN it.  However, the fear-based socialization of your children creates increasingly rigid minds and leaves them believing they are individuals who are separate and apart from their own world.  This teaching leaves children increasingly alienated from their own reality as they grow older, losing their sense of joy and most importantly, their sense of safety and freedom in the connection to All-That-Is through the energy of being at One with the entire universe.

In the final analysis it remains true that whether one recognizes his magnetic connection to the array of fields around him or not, he will always remain connected to his reality.  When one opens to this knowledge, one opens to the experience and beauty of embracing All-That-Is and life will take on a whole new meaning.

Magnetism, Polarity and Superconductivity as the Basis of Creation – Message 6

In our last message to you, Message 5    we stated “in this moment in time, All-That-Is is pushing evolution through the polarization of every system’s expression” and by this we mean that every system in the creationary fields of All-That-Is requires magnetism, and therefore polarity, as a foundational activity in the support of All of creation, and particularly in the creation of form within the third dimension.

Why is this? Because creation here in your reality and all other realities that make up All-That-Is require the principles of magnetism and polarity since they are the very power behind superconductivity – the primary state upon which evolution is founded within the primal fields of the First, Second and Third Causal Fields of Creation.

First we will discuss polarity.  Polarity is one of the prime forces under the principle of magnetism which is responsible for all aspects of evolution within All-That-IsThis is a term used in electricity and magnetism where two objects exist and there is an electric potential between them.  In this instance one object has more electrons than the other. The pole with more electrons is said to have negative polarity; the other pole is said to be of positive polarity.  If two poles are connected by a conductive pathway (such as a wire, for example) electrons flow from the negative pole to the positive pole, and this is considered charge or current. The movement of electric charge produces a magnetic field and this magnetic field is made up of composite geometrically aligned atoms. As soon as a natural geometrical structure is created, there is an instant foundation upon which to build a superconductive infrastructure where the principle of magnetism is automatically introduced through polarization of the elementary particles. Polarity is further enhanced within crystalline structures because these elementary particles form new superconductive pathways in the form of latticework created from sacred symmetry or natural geometrical structures. 

Sacred Geometrical Patterning: Foundation of Superconductivity in the Higher Realms

Magnetism, created within elementary particles, continues forever and is never eliminated, even as evolution in form moves from what is known to you as third dimensional form and into what you sense as fifth dimensional form.  Certainly, the nature of matter changes from one dimension to another, and in this moment your reality is moving from low density, low vibrational magnetic fields into a much higher density of photon light, see Message 3; – and therefore a higher frequency, such as a fifth dimensional frequency. In fact as one moves clearly from the third dimension to the fifth dimension it becomes a notable fact that energy moves more freely as photonic density and frequency increases and superconductivity expands.  Matter in the fifth dimension that you call crystalline matter reflects new inner alignments over those found in your third dimension, alignments of elementary particles into beautiful and complex geometrical patterns.  The property of superconductivity continues to expand within all crystalline structures as new pathways arise and are no longer confined to the limited A to B construction as is found within the third dimension.

One final note here on electricity as a property of magnetism. Your science has combined these events to create the description called electro-magnetism.  This is because electricity creates the current within the electrons in matter and electricity is also within the surrounding magnetic field where there is also polarity.  Electro-magnetism cannot be separated in lower dimensional expressions, but as creation moves into the fifth dimensional expression, electricity is dropped.  There is no consideration of electro-magnetism within All-That-Is beyond the third dimension as it is only an application of understanding limited to the third dimension.  Electricity, as you know it, does not exist within the greater outer reflection of All-That-Is; It is primarily a limited property that is linearly oriented and slow in action, too limiting for applications within the higher levels of expanded awareness.

While these concepts may be new to you and may seem difficult to understand, it is really very simple: Electron movement creates a magnetic field through polarization of particles and particle to particle expansion through sacred geometrical pathways creates superconductivity throughout All-That-Is. Remember this: Your human body-mind-spirit system is also an example of this brilliant event.


The Perfection of All-That-Is through Universal Superconductivity of the Infinite Consciousness – Message 5

Within the realms of All-That-Is great swaths of light-energy move in infinite waves of infinite frequency, each wave to its own destination, each knowing where it’s to go, each knowing its purpose.  Balance is its purpose and Equality is its goal.

Balance is created through the natural attraction to and the integration of opposites, opposites that hold the energy of the other but cannot exist alone, without the other.  And in holding each other all is known of the other, and the perfection of integration to create a unified whole arises from the perfect alchemical reaction.

It is the balance in energies that creates the condition of a fully integrated presence into the One, the Wholeness of All-That-Is.  It begins with balancing the immediate photon requirements between each constituent part at the level of the primal fields of the First Cause within the god particles at the pre-atomic level.

When moving to further balance the energy in the fields of the Second Cause, there is an instantaneous interaction between protons, electrons, and neutrons, at the atomic and molecular level.  Here is where there is electron pairing, another critical fundamental action to establish the simultaneity in creation.  With the action of electron pairing there is a superconductivity that is created at the molecular level.  You have used the term Soliton to identify a quantum standing wave of consciousness that is a supramolecular structure created from a group of atoms and we say that this is correct.  The existence of solitons as coherent standing waves is a pre-condition for superconductivity.

Cloud formation resembling a Soliton Standing Wave

As the energy, and the consciousness, flows into the level of the Third Cause of creation, the level of systems creation, there is an immediate sharing of charged energy into all unified systems.  Your body/mind/spirit system is the perfect example of a unified system.  Every body/mind/spirit system is capable of displaying perfect health, arising from a perfect balance within its constituent parts, or capable of demonstrating disease, which is the energetic imbalance within the body/mind/spirit system and we will expand on this process in another message. Each body/mind/spirit system holds both polarities, one being the female polarity, the other of male polarity.  In this moment in time All-That-Is is pushing evolution through the polarization of every systems expression, including the female and male energies within the human body/mind/spirit system.

Balance is one aspect within the creation but it is fair to say that the prime goal of balancing is to achieve equality.  There is no expression better than another, there is no expression more clever than another, for every expression is always being balanced, being perfected according to the principles of divine construction.  Even the principles of construction/expansion and deconstruction/contraction are always completed with the expectation of balance and equality.

The majority of humanity currently displays a form of dualistic thinking, thinking that requires only the memorizing of information with very little analytical thought needed to examine ideas and truly integrate them. Due to this insufficiency in thinking, it may be difficult for you to believe that balance and perfection actually exist.  This is because you often only see deficiency.  However in truth there is no deficiency, there is only perfection.  Perfection is everywhere.  There is in fact deficiency in the mind because your minds continually evaluate, compare, judge, and create the expectations of instant answers to the mysteries in your world.  If you were to drop this point of view now, in this moment, you would relieve yourselves of a lot of worry!  If you were to accept that All-That-Is is, in truth, about an omniscient energy that takes care of everything, then you have made your first step in understanding our discussions, because this is the one fundamental lesson that we deeply desire to impart: that All-That-Is Knows everything there is to know about everything; All-That-Is knows everything about YOU and all about your essence at the soul level!

How does All-That-Is know everything there is to know about you?  The Source of this creation originates at the Light-Sound Fields of the First Cause.  These fields are founded in pre-atomic constituents that carry the infinite intelligence (information) of All-That-Is.  These constituents are connected to every particle within the entire creation through the “instantaneous moment“, the ability to connect through all-time, and all-of-space.

There have been some studies done by a few scientists and “non-scientists” alike, who have an acute interest, open minds and the keen desire to understand how this creation works.  Through their very limited experimentation they have discovered and described the omniscient power of All-That-Is through this study: where cells taken from one source are separated, half being submitted to scientific testing and the other half of the sample having no testing, and only moved physically away from the first half of the sample. The scientists discovered that both samples showed the same changes in their cellular structure, whether they had physically experienced the testing, or not; whether they were next door to each other or many kilometres apart.

And how does this happen?  There is a supreme cosmic intelligence to All-That-Is.  It is an infinite intelligence, an all-pervasive intelligence. This intelligence is real, it is powerful, it is all-knowing, it is pan-creational, and where its sole action is to balance all energetic disequilibrium and equilibrate all unequivalence that may exist each to the other.  These are the creationary powers of All-That-Is, and as you are a part of All-That-Is, you are also all-powerful.  Embrace this idea, for if you do, your life shall never be the same!

The Science of Creation – Message 4

                                       The Light-Sound Fields of the First Cause of Creation

We are noticing the keen desire in humanity to understand the science of creation, the process of how everything was brought into life, into its own existence, and how you wish to reconcile your current scientific disciplines to our presentation on the processes of creation.  We shall present to you from our perspective, the foundational processes of creation and how our knowledge fits in to your current scientific descriptions as well as your reality and how you experience it.  Bear in mind that we will use only some of your current basic scientific terms as it is now necessary to impart new language to describe your reality so that you better understand this magnificent creation!

The interest in knowing what the Source is and what the origin is of the universe, is expanding exponentially as you awaken to your Selves through your expanded awareness.  Your level of consciousness expands quickly now as waves of photon light move over and through your Beings, the photon light of awareness that is flooding into what you now understand to be your body/mind/spirit systems into which you have incarnated.  You are astutely aware that something is missing in current scientific explanations of life in the universe but you just can’t seem to put your finger on it!

You know you are human incarnates in this lifetime to which you are experiencing your waking dream, moment to moment, here on this planet Earth, within this realm called the Milky Way Solar System. But you also know there is more to it than this!  And why has your civilization insisted upon the scientific explanations through empirical research and simply excluded any consideration of an overall conscious awareness within the Cosmos! 

To begin with, there are foundational processes that support the creation of your universe which you will never know, or see, or be able to measure, so there is a large part of this information that must be accepted with a fearless mind and an open heart!  There is one law by which the human must abide: as physical beings of the Third density, you have limited perceptual abilities, therefore you are not able to “see” the particles that make up your reality, your universe.  You must have faith and you must trust that this is truth.  To be open minded on this one principle shall be the foundation to your freedom.  Do not fear the unknown.  It is your strength to remain open to every shred of new information as fear only closes you and commits you and your soul to a lifetime of unnecessary wandering.

The Source of All-That-Is is comprised of several differentiated processes;  The Source is not just one original beginning point, one site, one well of energy:  It is much more than that.

All of creation begins from the Light-Sound Fields of the First Cause of Creation.  This means that the original realm for creation is founded at the primary or first cause fields and consists of pre-atomic constituent elements.  Of course the Light-Sound fields are all about frequency, both from the light or colour fields but this also includes frequency arising out of the sound field.  Together these frequencies are the foundation for omniscience that you as human beings sense around you but cannot measure with your empirical science.  What humanity refers to as “Heaven” is in reality these fields of creation. These light-sound fields are also interconnected with each other, millions upon millions of them, connecting within an instant.

            Connectivity within All-That-Is

The infrastructure of this Light-Sound terrain appears like a scaffolding of crystalline-like light, with large masses of light that appear very much like sheet lightening, and where consciousness connects instantly in great waves within this expanse.  Within this web of hyper-connectivity, all pre-atomic particles are flowing freely in waves.  It is correct to use the expression “God particles” or the “Adamantine particles” of creation. The pre-atomic particle level is beyond matter and space-time, as you know it. These pre-atomic particles form the platform for the next level of creation, the Second Cause of Creation, where the photonic imprint is born out of elementary particles including the atomic layer of constituent particles of photons, electrons, neutrons and quarks.

The Second Cause of creation always holds within it all constituent parts of the First Cause of Creation, and therefore also the gift of infinite connectivity arising from the action of built-in infinite intelligence.  Yes! All of creation is founded within the parameters of the Intelligent Infinity within All-That-Is. This Infinite Source Intelligence  flows freely from each and every constituent particle to the next, connecting instantly with the other, no matter the “location”.  There is also a multi-dimensional aspect to these particles because they are able to split/share other realities, and have an awareness of being in many different locations, or holographic realities. There is a sub-framework of conduits and pathways between all constituent parts: the gluons, the photons, and all others.  The primary role of this infinite intelligence is to seek out imbalance within the constituent parts of All levels of creation.  Within the rules of expansion and contraction [   ] the God particles seek out to affirm equality and harmony.

Arising from the First and Second Causal Fields of Creation, we arrive at the Third Cause of Creation, where systems arise in a natural order and present themselves through different expressions.  An example of a system from the Third Cause of Creation would be a nebula or galaxy, but also includes your own body/mind/spirit system of light/sound frequency.  The rule of multi-dimensionality also exists here within this level of creation, where multi-dimensional holographic realities exist creating multiple Milky Way Galaxies, Earth planets, and even your own Selves.

Probably the most important thing to remember is that you are a part of this Creation.  You are made of all the constituent parts of this Universe, from the pre-atomic elements to the photonic imprint, to your own multidimensional light-sound system.  Therefore, you are of this Universe and not separate from it.  Remember: The Source is within you  –  therefore you are a part of the Source! 

The Dynamics of Ascension through Evolution – Message 3

When we talk about the idea of Ascension, we really prefer to use the word Evolution. The word ascension connotes a rising upwards, in an ascending fashion, and this is not exclusively what the current energetic state is all about.  Evolution is a more precise term as it describes what is occurring in every moment within this third dimensional expression.

It is to be known that Evolution is a complex refinement of the whole of All-That-Is and it is dialectical in nature whereby two distinct processes exist side-by-side, one of expansion and one of contraction.  These actions compliment one another and work in unison to affect the whole.

While Evolution can be likened to the in-breath and the out-breath, they are two phases that occur in a subsequent motion, separately although in order, as one follows the other exclusively and the difference being that within the creation these two processes occur as a simultaneous event.

Expansion means the outward progression, or as we know it, a logarithmic multiplication scale of every constituent part of Creation, an enhancement, from photons to stars, from elementary and foundational particles to the most complex of energetic systems such as the Human Being.  It also implies an increase in space and a dispersion of energy.

        The Expansion…an increase in space, a dilution of particles and a drop in energy

Contraction means the compaction of constituent particles; a densification if you will, a drop in area, or space, occurring in the same moment as expansion.  It is to be noted that this densification means more constituents move into a declining space which leads to an increase in photon light energy, and therefore charge, along with a resulting concomitant increase in mass.

An example of Contraction, whereby particles condense from the outside perimeter to the core, increasing light and mass

As the photons collide excitedly into other constituent particles, energy is released and absorbed by these particles, densifying the energetic imprint.  As this densification then builds to its most dense attribute, there will be at some point a sudden maximum load in charge; and because All-That-Is is all about balance, there is an immediate balancing effect through the creation of a new complimentary expansion, based on the Law of Balance and Reciprocal Charge. 

When all of these wondrous events are seen from your perspective, they may appear to be unplanned and random.  However, every single event occurs as a result of another event and this action results in the creation of another new event.  Every event in All-That-Is is interrelated and is therefore subject to the Law of Organized Randomness

The powerful truths about the Creation of All-That-Is are as follows:

  • the creation of All-That-Is through expansion and contraction continues in every moment, that it is never static;
  • every elemental representation in the Universe of All-That-Is requires energy at one point or another;
  • there is an active process of balancing of energy within All-That-Is, and this can also be referred to as the Law of Net Energy Conservation;
  • where new forms of expression can be created now, forever and always, the constituent parts including the photons, atoms, molecules and so on remain the same, the foundational scaffolding upon which creation evolves;
  • the sole objective of creating with energy through the means of these principles and supported by the presence of consciousness in all elementary particles, means, in the most fundamental way, that everything is created from a foundation of Equality:  Every particle, every expression, every representation is equally perfect within the Whole of All-That-Is; and that includes each and every one of You.  We surround you with all our love.

You are The Light – Discussion 1

In our discourse on The Light, we are speaking simply about photon light and the constituent particles that are present in “space”, the particles that move energy and the particles that emit energy.  

These particles are the sources of light-energy that reside beyond the visible spectrum and they include photons, gluons, quarks and many other particles not yet known to mankind.

And when we say you are a part of that Light we mean that you too are made up of the constituent parts of this Universe.  These particles of photon light are the foundation of the atom.  The atom is the foundation of the molecule, and the molecule is the foundation of matter.

We will go so far as to say you are subject to the influence of photon light, even though you do not see this light when you gaze upon each other; even though many of you think you cannot experience this Light.  

You are a complex composition of photon-light, atoms and molecules: hence matter.  

As you consider this fact and internalize this concept that may be new to you, you move into an expanded awareness of what this reality is founded upon, what you are, and how creation evolves into it’s infinite expressions.  

You are The Light.

Elohim of the First Cause – Message 2

We are the Elohim of the First Cause.  The First Cause is the “First Energy Field” within what you understand to be the “Creation”.

The Creation has been termed by humanity as “Heaven” or “God” or “The Universe” and all the constituent parts of the Universe.  In some open-minded and what you would deem to be enlightened or aware individuals, there is also a knowing, an understanding, that the “Heaven/God/Universe” is a conscious creation, that it is aware of it’s own existence, that it has a knowing of it’s own powers of creation, it’s role in the creation, and in that instance, that it is sentient.

As Elohim of the First Energy Field we are able to create with the Light.  The Light is the foundation of any and all origination within The Creation.  The Light is a complex network that supports clear order and highly organized interrelations between an energetic molecular framework of particles you know as photons.  By this we are not speaking of the light that you see within the visible light spectrum.  We speak of a compilation of all photon energy in a unified field of presentation, much like a cloud in the sky (from which the electromagnetic spectrum, including visible light, emerges in a secondary way).

This cloud of photon particles connects through ever-minute energetic and conscious associations, connections that arise in an instant, as these charged units of energy, known as gluons, flow freely (Gluons are elementary particles in the nucleus that mediate strong interactions of quarks according to quantum chromodynamics (QCD). At present gluons are considered to be different from photons that mediate only electromagnetic forces.). These elements communicate in sequence, all knowing the other at every moment, from quark to quark.  It is fair to say these particles can be called the “God Particles of Creation“. There are many more God Particles unknown to mankind.

As they connect in awareness of another, they expand fully in every direction. This is an instantaneous event based fully on a pathway of superconductivity that supercedes all known physical laws in the Universe and is the foundation of creation.

Within the realms of light this superhighway of conductivity creates continually, and creates beautifully. You have seen many photos representing this Creation, photos that have been reduced to the visible light spectrum.  These images represent a simple translation into a form that you are able to see with your human eyes.  However it is good to remember that there is a vast invisible light spectrum of which we speak that you humans are able to perceive only through your Third Eye faculty and other intuitive abilities which are a part of your make-up as a human.

What the human eye does see in these images are the remnants of energy released from these sudden instantaneous explosions at the photon level and we tell you now that it is correct to understand this activity as “light frequency”.

The First Cause Energy Field is expanding continually.  There is no hesitation, no change in direction, no change in alchemical reaction. There is no altering this evolutionary path, nor will there be any contravening interference with this divine process. This is the way it has always been and this is the way it shall remain.

By being present here, now, you are also part of this Light, so therefore you are also connected to All of this Creation.

In the Beginning: There was Light! Message 1

Within the expanse of the multiverse there is Great Light!  Indeed, All is Light and it has always been Light!  Light can be said to be a Frequency, and all manner of expression within the multiverse is created from it.  You, are Light;  Your thoughts, are Light;  You, in form, are frequency;  Your thoughts, are frequency;  It has always been so.

As you consider this information, see yourself as a crystalline light structure/ frequency, having an experience in individuated form.  Every living thing holds a crystalline light structure: the living body, whether human, animal, fish or fowl;  the living trees, plants and flowers; the mountains made of stone and crystal; Indeed, all things carry energy in this fashion, as all things represent the infinite realm of Light, and therefore Frequency, and therefore Energy.

The electromagnetic spectrum of the visible and scientifically observed reality of incarnated humans is just a tiny low-frequency fraction of the infinite spectrum of divine Source Energy.

We say further that your form is connected on an energetic level with All of space and All Light!  Know that your frequency, or the vibratory rate of the quantum particles that make “you” up, dictates how much you understand these intricate connections to multiple platforms of expression.

While in individuated form, complex interconnections exist between every layer of light, every frequency of expression, and these connections follow a highly organized flow whereby the awareness of the individuated expression grows in consciousness as new connections are made to further expanded fields of Light.  Thus consciousness grows through leaps and bounds via increasingly complex and highly organized energy.

This is the foundation of the multiverse, of All-That-Is!  No one and No thing is exempt from this highly intricate creation!  You are a part of the Whole!  This is Unity Consciousness.