The Dynamics of Ascension through Evolution – Message 3

When we talk about the idea of Ascension, we really prefer to use the word Evolution.  The word ascension connotes a rising upwards, in an ascending fashion, and this is not exclusively what the current energetic state is all about.  Evolution is a more precise term as it describes what is occurring in every moment within this third-dimensional expression.

It is to be known that Evolution is a complex refinement of the whole of All-That-Is and it is dialectical in nature whereby two distinct processes exist side-by-side, one of expansion and one of contraction.  These actions complement one another and work in unison to affect the whole.

While Evolution can be likened to the in-breath and the out-breath, they are two phases that occur in a subsequent motion, separately although in order, as one follows the other exclusively and the difference being that within the creation these two processes occur as a simultaneous event.

Expansion means the outward progression, or as we know it, a logarithmic multiplication scale of every constituent part of Creation, an enhancement, from photons to stars, from elementary and foundational particles to the most complex of energetic systems such as the Human Being.  It also implies an increase in space and a dispersion of energy.

        The Expansion…an increase in space, a dilution of particles and a drop in energy

Contraction means the compaction of constituent particles; a densification if you will, a drop in area, or space, occurring in the same moment as expansion.  It is to be noted that this densification means more constituents move into a declining space which leads to an increase in photon light energy, and therefore charge, along with a resulting concomitant increase in mass.

An example of Contraction, whereby particles condense from the outside perimeter to the core, increasing light and mass

As the photons collide excitedly into other constituent particles, energy is released and absorbed by these particles, densifying the energetic imprint.  As this densification then builds to its most dense attribute, there will be at some point a sudden maximum load in charge; and because All-That-Is is all about balance, there is an immediate balancing effect through the creation of a new complementary expansion, based on the Law of Balance and Reciprocal Charge. 

When all of these wondrous events are seen from your perspective, they may appear to be unplanned and random.  However, every single event occurs as a result of another event and this action results in the creation of another new event.  Every event in All-That-Is is interrelated and is therefore subject to the Law of Organized Randomness

The powerful truths about the Creation of All-That-Is are as follows:

  • the creation of All-That-Is through expansion and contraction continues in every moment, that it is never static;
  • every elemental representation in the Universe of All-That-Is requires energy at one point or another;
  • there is an active process of balancing energy within All-That-Is, and this can also be referred to as the Law of Net Energy Conservation;
  • where new forms of expression can be created now, forever and always, the constituent parts including the photons, atoms, molecules and so on remain the same, the foundational scaffolding upon which creation evolves;
  • the sole objective of creating with energy through the means of these principles and supported by the presence of consciousness in all elementary particles, means, in the most fundamental way, that everything is created from a foundation of Equality:  Every particle, every expression, every representation is equally perfect within the Whole of All-That-Is; and that includes each and every one of You.  We surround you with all our love.