The Rainbow Ray Wheels of Consciousness – Revisited

This photo was taken by our PAT member Csilla two days ago in a Hungarian village

The Crystalline Beings of the Rainbow Ray

Carla Thompson, October 15, 2018

The Rainbow Ray is the fully integrated Ray of the Fifth Dimension. It is a reflection of a Unified Creation where all is united in a foundation of love, grace, harmony and everlasting peace: The principles of Unified Presence

We are the Crystalline Beings of the Rainbow Ray, and we greet you today with so much joy – infinite joy! You have made the leap into Wholeness! You have returned to Wholeness and now before you is the test of time – can you accept Wholeness? 

It is the moment of accepting that you each are on your own Soul Journey. You are each now fully responsible for your own growth, your own soul evolution. Family and friends around you are merely the testing ground for how high you will rise, how far you will evolve. It is not your concern what others say or do. What matters is what You say and do.

We are here to share the most beautiful vehicle of consciousness known to you – the Rainbow Rings of Consciousness. This is only part of the story, however. Now that you are charged with the knowing that they are here to expand your evolutionary grace, will you use them? Will you invite the Rainbow Ray rings into your life? 

Invite the rainbow rings into your heart and you will discover the truth of your feelings.  Invite the rainbow rings into your throat chakra and discover and share your inner truth.  Invite the rainbow rings into your third/power chakra and discover the power of your intentions that are based in love, founded in harmony and shared with loving kindness. 

Yes! These are the principles of an Enlightened One. Embrace them for it is time now to leave behind the old ways, the old thoughts, the old feelings.  Any principles founded in lower frequencies and of which you are no longer a part must be released. Let them go!  Embrace the truth of where you are and where you are going! Enjoy this expansion into the Rainbow Light!  Welcome, Home!