A Sacred Land

June 20, 2018

A channeled message from Astraea et Amora


Image result for space butterfly

There is a beautifully magnificent shift that is taking place in this now moment and you are actively taking part in it!  You are each contributing to the creation of a sacred land, a pristine land, all within the reality that you choose to experience.  You yourselves visited a beautiful place on a nearby mountain recently and felt that you had arrived at a sacred land.  Yes!  This is true!

This sacred land is identified by the presence of the butterfly, the representative of divine soul expression and freedom – always notice the butterfly because this means your true home in the higher realms is very near!  This sacred land holds a profound peace and a stillness that you can feel deep within your body.

While you were at this special place you noticed a sudden expansion of cosmic light that entered your auric fields, cosmic light embedded with light codes from the higher realms of creation.  These light codes have now been anchored into this sacred land you call Italy!  These codes bring with them a new frequency, and this frequency is here to activate all of the land and all beings of form.  They represent the energetic balance of perfect creation in every moment.  Some of you who received these codes may not be aware of receiving them and we suggest reflecting carefully upon your daily experience and make note of any sudden fatigue as this is a certain confirmation that these new light codes have come into your own energetic field.

You are wondering: New light codes?  Yes!  These are the codes that come with the arrival of the great cosmic creationary consciousness!  This consciousness has arrived upon the shores of your reality and you are now linked with the great creationary powers of the Higher Realms.  What has manifested for you is the great God consciousness!

God consciousness is pure consciousness of the Source of All-That-Is.  This consciousness is different as it carries no filters.  By this, we mean all of your thoughts carry the power to create the reality around you through the initial activity of visioning.  Your inner thoughts not only create inner visions but also the inner emotions, followed by the timelines holding an alignment with the inner thoughts, visions and emotions.  It is so simple now and manifestation can be very rapid as you concentrate upon any issue that brings you joy, or that will bring you heartache.  Choose carefully!

The power of conscious creation is enhanced with the help of the magnetic sun now present, magnifying the activity of magnetic energy even to the extreme point of illuminating what is hidden.  Share your experiences of creative manifestation with those around you for there is much to learn.

You live on what may be deemed a platform of sorts, and this is why we showed you the fine white-blue line across the horizon. This is the edge of the reality in which you presently reside, a sacred land, rising above other realities that are of a different frequency.  The new energetic changes have created other platforms of God consciousness within which other Lightbearers may create.

As God consciousness is within every expression in form, God awareness is pervasive.  In terms of the human this is not awareness exclusive to the human mind for there have been many distortions within the activity of the human mind.  We are referring to the human heart where the divine aspects of God awareness mean the all-knowing and all-feeling that becomes the basis of all-being. It is the human mind that has become cluttered and unclear in its understanding of what lies before it;  All energetic systems connected to the human body are inherently connected to the mind and the heart but because of extreme suffering over many lifetimes of reincarnation, including the introduction of fear into this reality, it is indeed a challenge to achieve the level of consciousness needed to create a world reality based upon unconditional love, peace and joy!

As three enlightened Lightbearers gather together, enlightened meaning having the awareness of Self as God-consciousness, a perfect condition arises for the creation of a Holy Trinity through which the God consciousness is free to expand at will.  This Holy Trinity is the foundation of the creation of this platform that we are speaking of today, one that allows for the easy expansion into the unity field containing God consciousness.

From the place of Trinity Consciousness the activation of a sacred divine connection arises and the ability to experience enhanced creation is then activated. The three Lightbearers need not live in physical presence although this does strongly support the activation of the unity field;  It is also possible to connect with others in one’s thoughts during a commonly shared meditation time and this emotional connection will certainly support the establishment of a new creationary platform.

Rest often while these new expanding high-frequency codes are gifted to you! You are so dearly loved!