Message From The Crystalline Beings of Light: The Five Flames of Ascended Creation – The Wheel of Light and Life!

Carla Thompson, February 19, 2019

Dear Friends,

Here is a profound and very beautiful message that has come to me over the past two days.  Its import grew while receiving it and now I am so honoured to share it with all of you.

As I am in meditation, I receive a message that Georgi and Daniela should go to a nearby beachside area.  I am briefly shown a large door with several lightly coloured pathways leading away from the central door.  The vision arises quickly and then vanishes. I receive a clear message as to where they must go and that there will be further clarity once they get there. I wait to hear from them as to what has been their experience, but in the meantime, I notice my body feels very tired and I have a lot of extreme pain.

When they arrived at this beachside area they experience an energy wave of such intense vibration that they have difficulty walking, with dizziness, and Georgi notices he is shaking. He has noticed this reaction before at the Infinity Portal in White Rock, near to Vancouver. They need to stop and rest to feel into the energies before they return back home (see full report).

Following their return home I receive the photos of the area and am once again moved into a state of deep awareness that shows me exactly what transpired during their visit.  First, I am shown once again the beautiful centrally placed ornate doorway from which several beautiful crystalline pathways depart.  As I gazed upon this beautiful ornate door it suddenly flew open and instantly a stream of the most brilliant pure white light streamed outward in such a stunning fashion, I can almost swear I heard this brilliant purified white light, in the most beautiful harmonic tones.  It sounded like the music of the spheres!  I had an instant knowing this light was the Universal Christ Consciousness energy, coupled with pure Ascension energy. It was beyond radiant!

The crystalline pathways each became illuminated, one by one, and reflected delicate colours in a crystalline light.  While the colours present were breathtaking, what was most beautiful was my awareness of the subtle energies that began to flow through my fields arising from each of these pathways.  Not only did the energies arise singly for me, they then became interwoven with each other and began to whirl around the energy of the pure white light.  A Wheel of Light!  It was remarkable!

Visions began to rise before my inner sight, visions of The Buddha, Mother Mary, The Christ, Shiva and Kali-Ma representing the profound spiritual changes leading to our Transcendence, Green Tara with Raphael and Hilarion and of course, our Beloved Saint Germain.  I sensed the presence of Paul, The Venetian as he projected his pink love energy as well as the surprising presence of Pallas Athena and her powerful pervading essence of Justice.  I felt the energies of Love, Peace and Benevolence so strongly that tears came to my eyes.

Finally,  I sensed a deep current running over everything and this was one of Faith.  It is now, more than ever, so important to hold the Faith! This is Faith guided by infinite inner courage, expressing to me that humanity’s level of consciousness shall expand in this lifetime, it is assured.  I myself Know that all of humanity will be able to align with love after this portal is upon us.

What is clear to me now is there are many overlapping energies held within the ascended realms. There were a number of energies that represented this multidimensional portal and while their knowing came to me as coloured rays, I am aware that the colours are not so important as is the essence of the energy within each ray.  These new rays, and I say they are new, because they are crystalline and carry the essence of emotion within their quantum structures. They are now being embedded into this reality within our energetic fields at the quantum level with this new portal, and I am aware they are the foundation of the New Ascended Earth that is imminently upon us.

Now, more than ever before, we must draw upon our inner strength in order to move back into wholeness.  We must now see the Light in the world! We must Trust.

While I have typed this message, all of these Masters of the Ascended Brotherhood and Sisterhood have gathered above me and they have provided instructions for a tool to create your own Wheels of Light and Life.  You may create your own Wheel now using the powerful energies of this Full Moon Portal upon us, or at any time you are guided.  They are showering us all with Love and Peace.

With infinite love,


Message from The Crystalline Beings of Light

“A Grand Portal is now open!  This is a multi-dimensional portal that carries a special purpose to distribute sacred crystalline energies coming from the embedded Infinity portal that is in perfect alignment with the Source.  Within this energy of the Infinite lies each of the crystalline ray energies that form the foundation of the New Earth, an expanded version of a Fifth Dimensional reality.   

The centre of the portal as seen by you as a doorway, is created from Source energy and is the white Christ Consciousness light coupled with the Ascension light.  This radiant light represents the purity of creation itself and it honours unification into wholeness, the full embrace of the Ascended I AM Presence;  All of these achievements are held within the energy of devotion and profound gratitude.

Around this centre doorway of crystalline white light is an entry point for each of the new sacred rays as they are refractions of the purified white light; their attributes pervade all energetic systems of every expression of form and thus are the guiding energies behind all of Creation and Manifestation in the ascended realms: 

As a soft crystalline Pink/peach/gold light carrying the energy of Divine Love, infinite gratitude, devotion to God and All Life, expanded awareness and deep connection to one’s inner self, inner reflection and holding reverence for all beautiful manifestations especially true brotherhood, sisterhood and actions based in love. 

As a soft crystalline Yellow-gold/pink light holding the energies of the flame of illumination, wisdom, understanding with love through the power of the Divine Mind where the great sages, teachers, scientists, philosophers and spiritual guides hold presence through the energy of Divine Justice, upheld by the great Pallas Athena.  Holding the Buddhic energy within your consciousness meaning perfect harmony and peace, divine mastery and universal healing.

As a soft crystalline Blue/pink light holding the Mother Mary Principle as it presents the inner application of Divine Love, Peace and Grace – choosing unconditional Love in All moments, holding Peace as a foundation to one’s own essence.  Making a conscious choice to embrace wholeness through drawing on your own inner strength and courage through unconditional Love, loving kindness and compassion for All. The holding within one’s essence full benevolence and complete faith that confirms the act of knowing that you are divinely protected!  Hold the faith that the level of consciousness of humanity will expand in your lifetime no matter what because you are at the point where you will witness humanity aligning with love;

As a soft crystalline Green/gold-pink/turquoise light holding the energy of complete Trust in all events around the activity of the Ascension and that it will serve to heal at profound levels and release all thought and fear around limitation, as there are no limitations upon You. Hold the energy of complete acceptance and trust of all that is before you! A profound healing activity.

As a soft crystalline Violet/gold/pink light holding the energy of focused intention and engagement of the alchemical personality that carries the power and engages the full essence of any desired outcome for the highest good of creation.

These Five Rays form a sacred foundation of the New World arising from the land of Europe

The intensity of this experience for all three of you speaks to the magnitude and the beauty of this magnificent portal.  More steps shall be given and each one of you needs to have faith in the unfolding of this beautiful creation.  This is not the end of the passage, for the doorway has just opened!  There is much to follow and it shall follow on the wings of Angels into a magnificent reality of infinite beauty, founded in peace, loving kindness, grace, harmony, forgiveness, protection, understanding, acceptance, and divine alchemy!

This beautiful portal has manifested from the intention of your multi-dimensional selves as it forms the energetic foundation for the healing centre as well as from where the new field of bio-science based on the Universal Law shall prevail.  

Other light-bearers are also free and honoured as they engage their alchemical powers to create their own multi-dimensional portals of the new Five Rays and are encouraged to do so by any source of water found nearby, be it a lake, stream, river, sea or ocean.  It is enough to hold firmly within your fields the intention to create this portal and use any vocal invocation to command the light to manifest the Wheel of Light and Life! 

We are sending you all our divine blessings, now! “

These five soft crystalline flames are beginning to manifest the world over as these photos from Romania show (courtesy to Razvan Neagoe, see also top photo).