Wheels of Light and Life: The KEY to Access the Unity Consciousness Field

Carla Thompson, April 29, 2019


The last message from Astraea and Amora spoke about the new energetic conditions arising from the presence of new Plasma Light.  Plasma Light also affects the Wheels of Light and Life that have graced us since February 16th of this year. Of course with Plasma Light present here now as living conscious light, we are told this now creates the KEY to our healed world, through the activation of the Five Crystalline Rays of Creation.

Plasma Light is conscious light and as such can access instantly ALL knowing within the Higher Realms/ Source/ God.  What I personally know, it is accessed through a base wave of Pure Love. The Pure Love is carried on the plasma light wave and this mixture creates the magical condition to instantly access all aspects of the Unity Field of Consciousness. This was not available to us in this way before now.

As a divine dispensation, the Source gifted us with this beautiful tool to heal our lives, our personal reality, as well as to heal societal shortfalls that are evident everywhere around the world. The implementation means rising above our own thoughts of fear, our inner doubts and judgment. It is important to rid our minds, and our hearts, of all of these energies.

This reality was created with the energies of separation and scarcity (and here).  The despair felt in so many human hearts rises up past the veil. The world can no longer express itself in these terms. It is time to look outside of the box: Into your hands of Creation.

With infinite love, Carla

Message from Astraea and Amora

“The beautiful Wheels of Light and Life are portable hubs of energy expressed as Light, and therefore, as Life. As part of a new reality founded in plasma light, they draw in through their central gateway, plasmic light along a magnetized corridor to become a cosmic plasma portal connecting to the Infinite Source, bringing each of you into a field of golden-white consciousness that is Whole, that is unified and that is incorruptible. This gift has moved ALL into a direct alignment with the perfection of Source, FOREVER!  

This is the Key needed for immediate access to the infinite consciousness that is all-moving, all-loving, all-remembering and all-knowing.

This beautiful gift holds the key to overcoming static expression as a limitation. These Wheels were intended to be interjected into your reality to overcome great areas of low light, energetic separation and heavy energies. This is realized simply through sincere devotion to love and truth.

From here, you are able to enlighten your inner world, understand your lives and heal difficult existential experiences in this and all other lifetimes. When invoked, it will provide an instant connection to the Unity Field for the healing of each of your own bodies, physical~ emotional~ psychic~ energetic, through cleansing, re-alignment, and balancing.

Every Wheel you create in your heart and expand into your auric field will also bring deep healing to your outer experience. This is true in two ways: “healing within” means your reactions to external conditions will change. When your “outer reactions” change, so will the reactions of others change, with respect to you.  

We tell you now: This is a gift! This gift shall override false programming of the electromagnetic grid and assist in laying down the energetic foundation for the discovery of new technology, based solely in magnetism. 

All energies that emanate from this KEY are aligned with the Source and are perfect in every way, delivered perfectly in every moment. 

Your own Wheels when activated in your minds and filled with the sincere passion in your hearts, will create the purest harmonic expression of life in your experience.  Place them in and beside your place of residence, at areas that need the clarity of truth and the sincerity of true love, and hold the intention they create all conditions for the highest good for all; for you individually, for your loved ones and for the human collective.

You are the Creators! 

With infinite love for All… Astraea and Amora”