Equinox 2018: The Gateway to the Divine Mind


Rosette Nebula 1-6-2014 Waukesha, W.

Carla Thompson, September 7, 2018


A Channeled Message from the Elohim Astraea and Amora

“There comes a time when the life experience of the third dimension is marked by a remarkable change, a substantive change, and where life experience in form transitions from a purely physical experience to an enhanced version, an expanded version of life in form, as the veils thin between the third, fourth, fifth and higher dimensions.

This beautiful expansion into the Light means an enhanced awareness of multi-dimensional life outside the parameters of all third dimensional expression that is “enclosed” or experienced as “density”, “gravity”, “space” and “time”.

The arrival of the Red Giant Sun brought with it all principles of a new magnetic reality including superconductivity and non-polarization, where all energetic exchange is instantaneous and reciprocal.

The power of this magnetic-based reality lies in the truth that any thought or idea in the mind triggers an instant interaction with energetic expressions nearby, as boundaries disappear and all information is easily and instantly accessed. Over the upcoming days and weeks the energies of this portal shall build to the point where the human mind will eventually overcome the stagnation of the third dimension, and leap into a sacred and boundless exchange of energy and information.

The human mind is evolving, and it is evolving rapidly now. The electromagnetic based mind is evolving by releasing the principles of polarity; the polarity being a function of the dualistic nature of third dimensional reality.  As a vital function of a new magnetic reality the mind will now categorically incorporate magnetism and superconductivity of thought, and equally importantly, of awareness.

We will call this the Divine Mind Gateway (at Equinox) for two reasons:  First, the frequencies that are flooding Earth/Gaia in this moment are creating a true gateway to the Higher Realms during this moment of the Equinox, this is a magnificent gateway!  And secondly, as the frequencies build slowly and constructively, the human mind shall shift from a closed electromagnetic based system, to an open mind that will evolve an ability to work on magnetic principles, opening a gateway to enhanced memory, recovery, calculation, balance, awareness, knowledge and logical thinking.

As each individual’s internal gateway opens there will be an instant awareness and enhanced abilities. The speed of integration will vary from individual to individual, from gradual integration in some, to full and rapid integration in others. This gateway shall ultimately prepare a portion of humanity to openly receive, accept and integrate the principles of logical, axiomatic thinking.

The gift of this gateway will be to ultimately leave behind the mental fog of the third dimension that has crippled humanity over eons of time, and wake up to the beauty of enhanced awareness of the Divine itself – a new infinite connection to both the higher dimensional aspects of yourselves as well as to all of creation.

This gateway opens the mind by relieving you of your constrictive thoughts created within the deadend third dimensional maze to open up your impressions of reality around you, and begin to value the role of logic in your thoughts, your lives and in your creations. 

This is a grand opportunity for humanity to make a quantum shift in awareness and expansion of one’s own Self and is the foundation necessary for moving on to form the special magnetic connection with your sacred heart, the next phase to come in this ascension expansion. We love you and we honour your service deeply!

After I received this message I was guided to check Georgi’s website and the Elohim asked me to include the following quote from his article  “Humanity in the Maze. The New Axiomatics of the Universal Law is the Ariadne’s Thread Leading to Salvation” posted on August 6, 2012:

“The compartmentalisation of the current human 3D-reality is indeed a mental haze and the only way out of it is to follow the Ariadne’s thread of impeccable human logic, as I try to implement on this website. Human logic/axiomatics is not a mental construction, but the mirror-image of the Logos in human language. The new axiomatics of the Universal Law is operational Logos – it is the Universal Law as a physical energetic principle translated into human words.

Be open to noticing any change in your thought patterns, and be open to new ideas that will come forward during this very special time!  ~  With love, Carla