Message from the Elohim on the Third City of Light – Terra Nueva, South America

Carla Thompson, November 16, 2017


This message from the Elohim is asking lightworkers to energetically support the creation of the new city of light, Terra Nueva, in Southern Ecuador/Northern Peru. You may be guided to support this process through a meditation, or you may simply resonate with an active initiation of your contribution, consciously and dynamically, once it activates a deep knowing within that this is your role in the ascension process.   

No matter how you come to this knowing, my suggestion is to simply invoke and envision golden Source light, in the form of golden pillars, settling onto the land and intending it to flow directly into the crystalline grid deep within the Andean mountains.  This will help establish strong source light pillars which provide the energetic foundation for the anchoring of the new city of light, Terra Nueva.   

The completion of the Earth/World ascension portal is key to the whole expansion process.  This is why we are being asked to focus on this light work in this moment. 

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On the New Cities of Light – A Message From The Elohim and Master Kuthumi

Carla Thompson, November 8, 2017


Georgi Stankov

Yesterday Brigitte wrote to me from Meran, Northern Italy about groups of lightworkers in Switzerland, Germany and Austria who are coming together to support the new city of light in the Alps and connect to other cities of light throughout the world. I will enclose her email and my response below. After we read her email, Carla and I had a long discussion on the role of the city of light New Raetia, which we are building since many years and how auspicious it is that other lightworkers from Central Europe are now beginning to also envision this 5D construction and make concrete efforts to support and expand it. I have been saying for many years that New Raetia will be the new cultural, intellectual, spiritual and technological hub for the entire new original 5D earth from where all the major impulses will come for the entire humanity to evolve into a multidimensional, transgalactic civilisation.

For several months my soul urges me constantly to develop new advanced ideas on how the structure of the Old Continent will look like when New Raetia will manifest and resume its activity. I have been the leading thinker (Vordenker) my whole life and I never know which will be the next topic to deal with. I simply follow willingly the inspiration of my soul and know that I will always get the necessary information and impulses to complete my task. In the last months, I was preoccupied with the present and future role of the East European Slavonic nations which now function more or less as “cordon sanitaire” to protect Western Europe from the alleged Russian menace and with little or no free space to develop their own identity under the thumb of the EU. Now with the obvious collapse of the EU structure such countries as Czechia, Hungary (it is not a Slavonic country but has very much in common with the Slavonic way of life), Poland and others have begun to emancipate themselves from the unelected bureaucratic cabal in Brussels and experience their insidious blackmail on numerous occasions.

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The Manifestation of the City of Light New Raetia Over Northern Italy

Georgi Stankov, November 1, 2017

New Addendum added below after publication!

Our PAT brother Alessandro from Italy sent me today these spectacular photos taken in Northern Italy (Lombardy) on October 30th that are now causing furores in the Italian social media. According to local statements, Italians have never seen such colours and sky since time immemorial and have no explanation how these beautiful cloud formations appeared out of nowhere.

We know it much better. Since the summer of last year, we are building with full force the three cities of light and with preference New Raetia over the Alps in Northern Italy and Central Europe. I have been regularly reporting on this huge multidimensional (5D and higher) project that will become the new intellectual, spiritual and technological hub of humanity in the new original world which arrived on October 8th. So, for instance, we received a message from the Elohim on August 24th that “a cloud of energy was sent as a preliminary foundation to the installation of the New Raetia City of Light. This is a prerequisite or pre-condition for the realization of a higher frequency reality…”, when my nephew Nikolai reported the arrival of sudden darkness in the early afternoon in Zurich as it can be seen on this photo which he took from the window of his office.

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The Ubiquitous Presence of the New Green Quantum Healer Code Documented

Carla M. Thompson, October 29, 2017

When we announced the arrival of the new green quantum healer code on October 24th, we could not hope to capture images of it that soon or present a proof of its activity beyond our encounter with the awakening lady on that day. However, Julia sent us photos tonight that she had taken on Thursday afternoon at Crescent Beach, two days after bringing in this code.  The picture was taken at the exact place where we had received the code.  We would like to share these photos with you so that you have first-hand confirmation of the reality of all the incoming energies and codes we report on a regular basis. They are everywhere and permeate every energetic structure – be it a human, animal or inanimate system. In this photo the green orb containing the new green quantum healer code is on a rock and, when magnified, the colour is identical to the one I published as an illustration in my report.

We want you to know that everything we experience nowadays has universal validity and transforms the energetic structure of this reality in a more profound and effective way than we can envision in our most daring dreams. While the old matrix is in its last throes, such transcendental phenomena compellingly herald the emergence of the new original world.



We invite you to download this photo onto your smartphone for gazing and healing. Further on Lux has created new spectacular versions of this code /orb which one can also use for healing invocations:

The Quantum Powerhouse (Sacred Codes) vol. 2

The New Green Quantum Healer – A Gift For Us All

A Message From the Blue Crystalline Beings of Light on October 24, 2017

Carla M. Thompson, October 27, 2017

Updated on October 28th with new meditation images of the Green Quantum Healer Code at the end of the message.

Image result for green sacred geometry

The Green Quantum Healer Code

Hello everyone!

The Healing Light continues to present itself in many beautiful and varying forms and the experience we had this week reflects this truth one more time.  This past Tuesday we woke up to the most spectacular weather and decided we must get out into the sunshine before the rain and fog roll in again.  I received a message that we were indeed to return once again to the Infinity Portal in White Rock, to receive two things:  a “gift” and an “encounter”.  I was excited about the prospect of both because I am so curious by nature and I knew nothing ever happens by chance, that everything we experience ultimately moves us all further along the ascension timeline.

As we arrived at Crescent Beach we felt the timeline lift to what is clearly the highest frequency we have ever experienced here.  Recently when we were in Burnaby there was a protuberance field of the 7th Dimension but that was an entirely different energy quality/ experience. This day was characterized by a brilliant golden-peach light and a beautiful clear soft blue sky and flat ocean, that both shimmered under the sunlight.  We found a quiet and calm spot on the beach with a beautiful large flat log on which to sit. We settled in easily and immediately tuned in to the energies.

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Anchoring of the Immunity Grid to Heal All Ascending Human Bodies and the Resurrection of the Souls – A Light Session With the Source on October 9th, 2017

by Julia, Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, October 14, 2017


Georgi Stankov

The New Immunity Grid is a Key Aspect of Bioelectromagnetics 

The anchoring of the immunity grid on the new original earth is a fundamental breakthrough in the process of planetary ascension that was first announced by the Source during our light session with Julia, Carla and myself on October 9th and caught us by surprise. However, as I am fully aware of the preeminent role of the immune system in regulating and sustaining human and organic life on earth, I immediately recognized its importance.

After all, more than 60% of my book, Volume III on the General Theory of Biological Regulation is dedicated to the explanation of the regulatory mechanisms of the immune system which are not at all understood in present-day medicine and bio-sciences. To this end, I made more than 10 particular scientific breakthroughs, each one of them being worthy of a Nobel Prize, given the very low and ridiculous standards of this institution in awarding obsolete scientific achievements. That is why this institution will cease to exist very soon, at the latest when the new theory of the Universal Law will be fully introduced and accepted by humanity, as it reveals the absurdity of present-day empirical research. This is all part of the creationary spectrum of the new bioelectromagnetics which we shall employ in the building of the new 5D earth that will be an ongoing project of creation in the coming eons of simultaneous time.

The ramifications from the anchoring of the immunity grid are so manifold that it would take a separate publication only to list some of them. Here I shall restrict myself to some general observations.

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Message From the Elohim on October 8th, 2017: Welcome to the Original World!

Carla Thompson, October 14, 2017


Georgi Stankov

On October 8th we received a message from the Elohim announcing the best news: we have finally entered the new original (pristine) 5D earth as it was always meant to be from the inception of Gaia before it devolved into a planet of extreme experimental conditions due to the full separation of the incarnated human personalities from the Source and their higher selves. If we still observe old 3D patterns and the cabal’s crimes at the collective stage of this consensual reality, these are mere shadows of a waning world that is only kept alive by the sluggish cognitive response of the masses to the new golden plasma energies that entered Gaia during the most powerful solar eclipse portal on August 21st. It took roughly six weeks to remove all the old energies of the current 3D holographic model and replace them with the new energetic structure of the 5D and higher dimensions up to the Source. During this time all light warriors and in particular, the PAT did massive heavy-duty cleansing of infinite timelines 3,000 years in the past and in the future as we were told by the Elohim on another occasion. Therefore everything negative we still observe is the collective dream of agnostic humans perpetuating their nightmarish illusion of a 3D karmic world shortly before their full awakening occurs, but it has no energetic relevance whatsoever.

In addition to the good news that we have finally entered the new pristine world, for which we have worked and cleansed so hard all these years, this message is essentially a private message for Carla what she will be doing in the coming days and eons of simultaneous time when she will fully embrace her mission as ascended master and creator Logos God.

On that day the energies were off the scale – as if we were both sitting on the acceleration chair of ascension – when we received this message in the late afternoon. We were still reeling from this energy wave the next day when our friend Julia visited us and we had another powerful light session and connected to the Source. The message of this session is essentially a continuation of the Elohim message and further expands on the quality of the incoming energies and the light work we are now doing on behalf of Gaia and humanity. This message will be published next.

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